Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wandering Wednesday - Jalama Beach California

Jalama Beach California is one of those places that not many people know about, even those that live in California.  It is one of those spots that you just google and say "that looks nice" but once you get there it is amazing!  It is one of the prettiest beaches that I have been to and it has many attributes that will make it a great place to take your family.

The only unfortunate part is that you have to travel a bit to get there and it may seem that you are lost but your not.  It is locate approximately 20 miles Southwest of Lompoc California in Santa Barbara County.  You must be willing to drive a long stretch through some rolling hills and farmland.  You will also want to note that as you get closer to your destination the roads will get a little more narrow and you will loose cellular services.  The neat thing about the journey is just when you are starting to think "there is no way there is a beach here," you will crest the last hill and get a panoramic view of the ocean.

There are many activities available such as whale and bird watching, surfing, fishing, and hiking.  The main attraction for me was the hiking and a leisurely stroll along the beach.  I simply liked Jalama for its beautiful shore line and ocean view.  I had so much fun looking at the little shrimp and other creatures that would get trapped in the pools that formed as the waves retreated back to the ocean over the soft rocks. 

At Jalama you have the best of two landscapes. On the right side of the beach it is rocking and great for exploring and hiking; the rocks almost look like they've been painted.  Unfortunately my camera did not capture how bright the deep bands of red, tan and beige were that ripple through the rocks.  The other side of the beach has the traditional sandy shore wonderful for the kids to play in and for you to enjoy beachcombing.

Jalama has a great campsite for those that love to rough it; most people have rated the camping as very good and report that they really enjoyed the site.  They have cabins if you don't want to bring a tent and there is a small store called Jalama Beach Store & Grill that reportedly has great burgers and has everything you'll need.  This website,,  is very helpful for planning a trip to Jalama.  They do charge for parking which after traveling that far is good to know ahead of time.  I haven't been there for a couple of years so I am not exactly sure how much it is now.

I hope that you get a chance to enjoy one of California's hidden treasures; I am sure you will be glad that you made the trip.

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