Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wandering Wednesday - Weed, California

So, what's in a name?  Well everything, if you're in Weed California.  This is one of the small towns that I visited frequently while living in the mountains of California.  This little town is very sweet and has a fun flair to it that would make it a worth while visit, especially for someone that is already in the area to ski Mount Shasta. 

Weed has a population of 3,300 people and is approximately 3,500 feet above sea level.  It is located right off of I-5 in the very northern reaches of California almost into Oregon.  If you are looking to escape the heat of Central California, Weed has a temperature right around 84 degrees as the daytime high in July so it would be a cool get away. 

Weed has several lovely places to stay such as The Bodhana which boasts of a winter activities such as near-by skiing and also has a great view of the mountain.  It has a loft and is in a very picturesque and serene locations.  It is kind of like camping without the hard ground and bugs; the way I like to camp. If you are looking for a little more pampering they also have the Klamath River Resort Inn they offer spa treatments for people like me and Kayak rentals, river rafting, hiking, fishing and of course Gold Panning!  There are also a number of inexpensive places to stay if you are on a budget.

Weed may be small but if you enjoy the out doors and would like the experience of visiting an old mining town this would be the place to go.  It has a number of artsy shops and a very sweet down town for shopping.  They also have the  Living Memorial Sculpture Gardens along with the Weed Historic Lumbertown Museum

The town shops have a lot of fun playing with their name and have many souvenirs that reflect this playful nature.  I picked up several little treats for friends that like a good laugh and added one more magnet to the collection from my travels. 

Weed is one of many small towns along the I-5 that have a rich American history; many people traveled this rough and on-forgiving terain in the hopes of gold and riches.  Many didn't find their dreams and returned empty handed, but the hardiest of the hardy settle in this area to make it what it is today.

For more information visit The Weed Chamber of Commerce where their website greets you by inviting you to "Enjoy Weed" now you know you are going to have fun there.  Who knows once you visit you may get hooked on Weed, (CA) lol.

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