Thursday, March 8, 2012

Facebook! Its Giving New Life To MY Business World!

Over the last year there has been so many new things that I have tried to increase my shop sales.  One of which is this blog.  I love blogging with everyone but unfortunately it is time consuming.  Just like many of the women in the US I also have to carry a "day job" and in reality that is the job that puts food on the table.  My business is still in phase one that many would call ... A dream.

With that being said I have spread myself so thin that I find very little time to even do daily shopping.  I have also noticed that the things I do to help bring people to my business is taking up more time than actually building the store itself.  So what I may end up with is empty shops and great blog with loyal followers.   Since my shop is online you will have to use your immagination to see the cobwebs in the corners and the empty shelves.

So this brings me to Facebook.  With some advice from some marketing people, one of which is Susan Hand from Easy Fan Pages for Direct Sellers, I have decided to focus more time on building my Facebook pages and less time on my blog and other social media.  I appologize to my readers and would love to express my heart felt gratitude to those that have been loyal followers.  But again my issue seems to be that I have no spare time and I often find myself short changing things to keep up.

With all of the new features that Facebook is offering they may be able to house everything that I do in one spot.  There new features are beautiful and eye catching so while I am headed off next week to another fun adventure filled business trip I will be focussing most of my time on building the pages.  I will keep everyone posted when I am up and running and I really really hope that you will follow me over there.  I do believe that this may be a really great forum to discuss postcards and my love for... well basically anything pretty and shiny:)

March 30th is the deadline so I should be up running by then and if not sooner.  Until then Have a beautiful and blessed day!


Anonymous said...

I'm so sad to see you taper off on the blog! Maybe keep one post a week going? That is all I can usually handle. I found the problem with facebook is that when people are paying so much attention to their friends and family that businesses start to sound spammy and they turn business fan page notifications off. Then, they don't see you at all :( I have done the facebook thing, but always find I get a way better response on my blog. And as I have may need to taper down the amount of posts and eliminate any meme posts, but I still have more followers on my blog and active commenting on my blog than I ever had on my facebook page. Maybe I just haven't figured out how to do it right? So there is where you can help! Keep your blog alive with at least one post a week (or two weeks if need be), continue to try the facebook thing, come back here and report what you have found...what you did that worked...which platform you prefer.
Good luck in your new endeavor and again, I hope you don't shut down your blog completeley :(

Butterfly In The Attic said...

Thank you Love, Yesterday. It is a good suggestion. I may take your advice and keep it up at least I can see which pays off. It seems that I am always running out of time but I shouldn't put all my eggs in one basket :) I love vintage sayings as much as I love vintage postcards.

Sage Aumick said...

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