Thursday, April 26, 2012

Aromatherapy Thursday - Jasmine

I know I did one on Jasmine already last year but right now everywhere I go I smell that light lovely fragrance wafting on the warm (sometimes hot) spring breeze of Central Cal.  I am not absolutely positive what the heavenly scent is but it smell much like the tea I drink every night.  So I figured why not give Jasmine another day in the spot light.
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I have now become addicted to Jasmine tea so much so that when I was traveling for business I was requesting it at every restaurant I stopped at.  Only one had it and I think I must have consumed 3 small pots within the long hours of that visit.  And to all of those that were riding with me; I didn't have to stop one time on the 45 minute trip back to the hotel so, humph!  (everyone was concerned I would need to stop at every restroom on the way back)
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Jasmine is known to have a relaxing and tranquil property to its scent and tea.  I find this personally to be true and that is why I have at least one cup a night.  A cup of Jasmine tea to me is what a glass of wine at dinner is to others.  While tea is not exactly aromatherapy it definitely ties into it because part of my addiction to this nightly routine is the scent.  I love how relaxing the mere scent of the tea is as it is steeping and that first sip gives me the overwhelming feeling of warmth and peace as the fragrant steam wafts towards my nose.
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If you are not a tea drinker and would love to try Jasmine in aromatherapy it comes in essential oils easily found in several different shops;  I will include some examples in this posting.  Not only is Jasmine relaxing it boasts of properties that ease the symptoms of depression and it a mood enhancer.   It has a very uplifting effect and is also reported to relieve some tension, listlessness and calm nervousness. 

Overall Jasmine brings to mind exotic places and wealthy lands.  For me it definitely is a mood enhancer and lets me escape the cares of the day for a minute or two.  Here are some products I found that may help you create your own little escape:

Of course, never use aromatherapy or any kind of alternative treatments in the place of medical treatment from your physician.  Always consult your physician prior to starting any kind of homeopathic regimen.  Also check for any allergies prior to using new products and scents.

Have a blessed day.


Christie Cottage said...

Jasmine does for your senses what vanilla does for mine!


Priscilla of Gardenmis said...

Beautifully said! Thank you so much for featuring my butterfly sachets among all these other lovely jasmine delights! :)