Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spirtual and Inspirational Sunday - April 22 2012

Even though I try to create a beautiful virtual world for myself, a sort of escape, the real world still encroaches in and there are times when I feel less then inspired.  This week has been an extremely trying one filled with the stress and woes that most of our population experience and I have been feeling a bit down.  But on the upside, due to some extra time for thought and reflection, I have come to peace in that fact that yes, God truly provides.  I have a good family that will have my back when times get challenging, I have all of my basic needs filled and more, and I know that whatever I have lost or had to give up will be restored.

I am focusing on bringing my mind, body and soul back to center and balance and not focusing on the past that cannot be changed.  I hope you find your balance today and have a blessed Sunday.

Happy Earth Day!

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SuziesImaginarium said...

Amen! John much to respect there!