Sunday, April 29, 2012

Spirtual and Inspirational Sunday - April 29 2012

I have always had a passion for birds.  I have had bird gardens and spent endless hours watching the Midwest landscape transform from a grey and frozen Iceland to a colorful rainbow full of life with some simple but strategically placed feeders.  Often it was more entertaining to watch out my picture window than to see what was on television.  I kept my feeder up year round changing them out for the seasons with anticipation of what seasonal visitors I would have.
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One summer, when my children were small, our nectar feeder was frequented by a special little hummingbird.  This little friend wouldn't just flit in and out as would her fellow hummingbirds, but she would sit for a minute lightly perched on the little plastic piece and spend a minute with me while I did dishes.  I noticed this for a week and as she darted away I also noticed that she had taken the same path coming and going.  Out of curiosity I followed in the direction that she had gone and noticed her busily moving around my grandmothers crab apple tree.  Then just as quick as I was able to spot her, she flew out of my view.  I did this routine for a couple days until on one warm sunny day I noticed on one of the lower branches a tiny little nest.
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Her nest was a beautiful little home, about the size of a tiny tea cup, lined with soft thistle and covered in sturdy lichen.  And inside this cozy little home was two miniature eggs.  I brought the kids to visit her every day.  We would stand on an embankment that was just at the right height to see into the little nest with out disturbing her duties, anxiously awaiting the new arrivals.  A few days past and the eggs were no more.  We barely could see the little darlings because they were so tiny at the bottom of that tea cup but we could see movement and knew the special day had arrived.

We spent the next couple weeks amazed at the little mother's dutiful care and how rapidly her young ones grew.  Within 3 weeks they looked just like Momma and they barley could fit in their tiny home.  Shortly, her feathered children left their nest and were on their own adventures. 

It was such a wonderful learning experience for my children and for myself.  My little friend and her brood will never be forgotten; she brought us a little miracle that summer that many people do not get to see.

My husband captured another little friend for me while I was at work this week.  She has been visiting our water fountain often and I am terribly curious to whether she has a nest near by.  Nature is often my inspiration and with the not-so-fun week at work my husband was thoughtful enough to bring to me just what I needed.  Some lovely pictures of our new friend and the most heavenly scented rose from our garden.

My inspirational thought for this week is that no matter how hard people try Don't let them take away your joy.  Your joy is a gift from God and no one has the right to steal that away from you.  Be happy my friends and many blessings to you.

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