Sunday, May 20, 2012

Spiritual and Inspirational Sunday - May 20, 2012

Overall I believe that I am a very happy person.  God has blessed me greatly; although there has been some very large challenges in my life that I had to overcome and still have to work with, for every challenge and for every loss He has given me a greater blessing and a greater gift.  I have to remind myself of these things sometimes because when I come up to a wall in my life, it can look so challenging and frightening that I may forget all of other times that God has lifted me over.

I was having that overwhelming feeling this morning and struggled with what positive thing I was going to write, since I wasn't feeling very positive.  But thankfully, just as always, God even provides me with comforting words when I need them.  My online friend who blogs ChristieCottage posted this wonderful vintage message:

Christie received this from one of her online friends owner of shop,
and asked us to share this wonderful positive message.
I am very grateful for my friends and online friends and this beautiful reminder that God always provides us with the tools that we need to Fight whatever negativity is in our way.
Thanks Christie and Warm Touch Creations.
I hope you and all my readers have a blessed Sunday

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