Friday, June 22, 2012

Freaky Fun Friday - TGIF Let's Just Have Fun In The Big Top!

Good morning on this fine Fun Freaky Friday and for me it is truly TGIF since I am going to be off for a normal weekend this week, Yeah!  

We have a winner of our TGIF Giveaway from the wonderful artist Ray at the Museum Shop on Etsy: Natalie Lee won with Option: Follow @butterflysattic on Twitter.  Congratulations Natalie!

Yesterday I heard a commercial on the radio for one of our local fairs.  It is funny how when you hear the ad it conjures images of fun fairs of the past and images that are probably much more fun than the actual fair has to offer.  But putting all of the Carnivals and Fairs of our past would make for one grand party. 

I would love to see the old trains pull in with the animal's heads sticking above the roof and the wild cats madly pacing back and forth as to say "let me at them...Let Me At Them..." 

I would go see the strange anomalies, like the living mermaid and bearded lady (unfortunately now that doesn't seem so amazing since we can see that at our local Walmart) but none-the-less it seems like a good old fashioned carnival is just what our country needs right now. 

I know we have our fairs but I really don't want to spend $10 - $15 per person to see a cow and ride on a roller coaster that is missing some rivets and is driven by a man straight from the shining. 

So here is mine: The Carnival Extraordinaire! by Colleen the Magnificent!

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