Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Meet and Greet the Members of the Pacific Postcards Team - IsabellsUmbrella

Our Meet and Greet Pacific Postcards Team Member today is Ashely Giessing owner of a beautiful little shop called Isabell's Umbrella.  Her art work is simply adorable and each character comes to life.   Isabell's offers a selection of  notecards, jewelry, stickers, book plates and more, but of course, my favorite is the Postcards!
Make sure to visit her FB page Isabell's Umbrella Shop and Website where you will find her lovely illustrations
Here is a bit more about Isabell's Umbrella from her Profile on Etsy:
"About Isabell's Umbrella
Isabell's Umbrella grew from an obsession with stationery, writing instruments and design. Ashley Giessing, owner/artist, believes she should have been born in the nineteenth century, when all correspondence was done by hand.

Highlights of her childhood include drawing, making little notes and stationery for her little brother and older sisters, and the monthly letters she would receive from her dear Grandma Sweetie.

It was when Ashley first entered the design field that she that she began dreaming about creating her own line of stationery. Four years later, Ashley took that leap -- opening Isabell's Umbrella in January of 2008. She looks to the future and growth of Isabell’s Umbrella with a plan for success.

Specializing in stationery that will lift the clouds of a rainy day, Ashley’s hopes are to renew the lost "art" of hand correspondence by creating stationery you will want to share with others. "There is nothing that means more to me than a kind, heartfelt, handwritten note from someone I love."

About Me
Located in a valley much like somewhere else I've been, I spend my days working as a graphic designer in the marketing department of an architectural firm. My evenings are filled by my son, daughter and husband whom I all love dearly... and my nights and free time (ha!) are spent dreaming up designs and doodles for Isabell's Umbrella. I drool over thin-tipped pens, stationery and unique office supplies, and oh yeah, I also collect books"
~ Ashely Giessing

Here is some more of her wonderful work:

'Meet the Pacific Postcards Team Member ~ Ashley Giessing ~ Isabell's Umbrella' by postcardsintheattic

Postcard Pack : Bear and Bee
Postcard Pack : Ice Cream
Mini Note Cards : Yellow Owl
Mini Note Card Set : Cupcake
Mini Note Cards : Kokeshi Do...
Mini Folded Gift Card : Lion
Send A Smile Note Cards : Ha...
Bookmarks : Assorted
Bookplates : Ugly Duckling
Mailing Labels / Bookplates ...
Magnet : Mister Whale
Cheerful Companions - Hand S...
Illustrated Necklace : Garde...
Isabell : Little Girl Standi...
Sticker Set : Kawaii Friends
Rub-On Decals

If you are interested on becoming a member of the Pacific Postcards Team please go to this link and click "Apply."
We have just started offering 2 different memberships: one will be for general membership, for those who love postcards and collecting postcards and the other will be for shops with at least 25% of their
items listed are postcards.
The only difference in the memberships is that the latter will be included in shop
interviews, BNRs and postcard related activities. We also plan on having activities for
the general memberships. Hope to see you there soon.

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