Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Why So Serious?

Today I thought I would just blog an abbreviated version of one of my life long goals; happiness.  I think that lately I have noticed that people in Fresno just seem so unhappy and even just in general angry.  Of course it may be that way everywhere but as the Joker would say “Why So Serious?” (Stole that from Terry it’s one of his favorite lines.)  My job is stressful, serious, and there are a hundred things that I have to do to make this next week successful.  I have a special needs child and other children that are going through their own bumps in the road but I don’t want it to ever give me a big crease in my forehead. 

There are things that have happened in my life that have been very traumatic and unfair; they should not have happened.  But ever since I was small, my Lord had always blessed me greater than anything that was taken away.  He has given me the ability to sincerely enjoy beautiful things that I see, touch, smell and I don’t necessarily have to own them or capture them to find happiness, and I just need to know that they are there.  I think I push myself very hard to achieve better things on most days but on the other hand I am truly grateful for the blessing I have been given and I don’t want to ever take for granted those gifts. 

I think people are starting to let things pile up on them and that is why there just seems to be a trend of aggression and anger here.  I know times are hard and money is short but it is for everyone and as I always say (to the chagrin of many probably) “it is what it is.”  Giving yourself a stroke or someone else one will not make the problems go away.
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So when traffic is jammed up, you have more bills than you know what to do with, your significant other forgets it’s his turn to pick up the kids, whatever it is make sure to give yourself at least one joy break in your day.   Just stop for a few minutes or even seconds and find what is beautiful around you.  Think of the blessings before you and note a few in your mind.  If you see a butterfly fluttering through your path, if you can, stop and watch it for a second and breath deep, you would be surprised at how helpful that simple act is.  You may find you want to do it more and more; who cares if people think you’re crazy, half the fun in life is keeping them guessing at what you’re doing.
I sometimes have to remind myself to do the same things because it is easy to get caught up in the big ball of negative energy but I purposely try to avoid too much negativity online, the news, even conversations because I can’t change others I can only change myself.   I can’t decide what would be best for my kids, only they can now that they're grown.  And really if I make a mistake with the bills, that too is just a moment in my life why have it overshadow everything good?  What I can do to make the world a happier place is to lead by example, show people I am happy and when they wonder how I can tell them.

I have been reflecting on this for several years because I grew up in a negative house and where everything was so serious.  If you enjoyed something you were being childish and it made people mad.  I didn’t want that for me or for my loved ones so every day I try to kick out the negativity in my head and focus on the good.  And I have found the more I do it the better I get at it and often the negativity is just in my head and it really isn’t all that serious. 
Blessings to all my online readers and friends, may you have the most Wonderful Wednesday today and find time to enjoy your beautiful moments.

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