Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Meet and Greet the Members of the Pacific Postcards Team - Agnes of Bohemia

I am ready to show off some more of our Pacific Postcards Team (PPT) members!  Our Meet and Greet PPT member today is Chantal H. owner of a lovely little shop called Agnes of Bohemia.  She offers a great selection of vintage postcards and stamps ranging in dates from the early 1900s through the 1960s.   Here are a couple of my favorites:
You know how much I love night scenes and this one is just great!
This one reminds me of the movie, Birds!  Oh No! look out my Dapper Chaps (LOL)
This little excerp is from Chantal's shop announcement:

"I sell vintage postcards and stamps (1900 - present). They are great for collecting and also great as supplies for many different projects, whether they be used as part of a painting, journal, dress, box, collage, bookmark, anything you can imagine!

If you have any special requests, questions, or are interested in working out a pricing deal if you are buying multiple items, please contact me. I will be more than happy to help you!

Every purchase comes with a free random postcard (or stamp) from my collection. If you have a preference as to what your free gift is (you'd prefer a stamp instead of a postcard), please let me know! If you don't want the free postcard or stamp at all, also please let me know.

Let me know if you'd be interested in getting notified when I put up a new listing or when I put an existing listing on sale. If I get enough people interested, I'll come up with a simple, spam free way to do this, via whatever multimedia the majority prefers. I promise not to abuse my notification powers!

And, of course, thank you so, so much for your interest in my shop! I hope you like it! I am open to all suggestions and criticisms, in fact I want them! I want to make this the best shop that I can.

Have fun!"

~Chantal H.
This one is just plain cool looking!
Here is a bit more about Chantal H. from her Profile and Shop Announcement on Etsy:
"*The artist who did the painting in my current profile picture is Flavia Sorrentino*

I am a New Yorker, currently living in Cambridge, Massachusetts with my husband. I enjoy cooking, reading, writing letters, watching movies, and collecting old postcards, stamps and books. My favorite authors are Marguerite Duras and Emile Zola.  I love history and try to include some tidbits and facts with my listings.

My postcards and stamps can be used for a wide variety of things. Everything from collecting to sending to use as supplies in various forms of artwork, like earrings, journal covers, book marks, furniture decals, in scrapbooks and much, much more!..."
~Chantal H.

Follow Chantal at:

'Meet and Greet the Pacific Postcards Team Member Chantal H. from Agnes Of Bohemia' by postcardsintheattic

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