Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Meet and Greet the Members of the Pacific Postcards Team - Beware The 'Og

Our Meet and Greet PPT member today is one of our youngest members, Ellen Jane.  She is owner of Beware The 'Og, a shop filled with fun, whimsical handmade items along with a few vintage.  Her creative art includes saying from my favorite series of movies, Harry Potter, good taste at an early age.  Her growing little shop has some lovely vintage postcards that have been turned into greeting cards:

This little excerpt describing her shop is from Ellen's shop announcement:
"Unique handmade and vintage necklaces, t-shirts, iPhone cases, paintings, greetings cards and high-quality photo prints by Ellen Jane. Always open to custom orders, and any feedback/suggestions"
~Ellen Jane

Here is a little bit more about Ellen from her Profile on Etsy:
"Howdy! :) I'm Ellen, I'm 16, and I'm an Etsy addict :'D Being too lazy to try and get a real job, I've started making unique, quirky bits and pieces and selling them on my Etsy shop: 'Beware The Og'. Check it out! :') "
~Ellen Jane

It is wonderful to see young people join our group and have an interest in postcards.  Thank you  Ellen for being a member and I hope that everyone stops by and visits you.
Here are some of Ellen's lovely items handmade, upcycled and vintage:

'Meet and Greet the Pacific Postcards Team Member Ellen Jane from Beware The Og' by postcardsintheattic

Harry Potter Quote iPhone 3G...
Deathly Hallows Mens Tank To...
Peace Hand Sign Badge
Harry Potter Quote iPhone 3G...
14" x 11" French C...
14" x 11" Leaf lef...
14" x 11" Dandelio...
14" x 11" St. Ives...
Beaded Hamsa Hand Necklace
Black Studded Leather Across...
Engraved silver disc shaped ...
Key and Gear Steampunk neckl...
Vintage inspired custom name...
Vintage Postcard (1925) Birt...
Winnie the Pooh / Christophe...
Aiden Grimshaw 12"x12&q...

If you are interested on becoming a member of the Pacific Postcards Team please go to this link and click "Apply."
We have 2 different memberships: one is a general membership, for those who love postcards and collecting postcards and the other is designed for shops with at least 25% of their
items listed are postcards.
The only difference in the memberships is that the latter will be included in shop
interviews, BNRs and postcard related activities. We also plan on having activities for
the general memberships. Hope to see you there soon.

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