Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Taking A Walk Down Memory Lane

I was scrolling through my Facebook home page when I came across a few posts that brought back memories for me.  I love Reminisce Magazine and they will post often wonderful things from days gone by.  Retro Milwaukee Share The Memories is another great Facebook page filled with nostalgic images.

I remember a time when prizes in the cereal boxes and Cracker Jacks were really something to get excited about.  They were mostly plastic, which many adults at that time would complain about but they were still better than the lame paper cards and things the companies use as premiums now.  Although, when my kids were growing up they had the Beanie Babies in many of the Big G cereals and they were very cute.
These wonderful vintage box records (from my generation) were found in Etsy Shop FolkLura at http://ow.ly/csdCH
These great Cracker Jack premiums were found in Etsy Shop NeyNeysTreasures at http://ow.ly/csenV
I also remember a time when beer and cigarette commercials had cartoon characters.  I never thought much about it growing up until they were gone.  While they may have not been appropriate, I thought they were great at the time because it was one of the only cartoon available.  We didn't have cable or even that many channels to choose from, just ABC, CBS, and NBC; maybe PBS if we could suck it into our giant counsel TV with some rabbit ears.
When I was growing up our kids shows were so much more entertaining.  I think that it was because we had to wait for them making the shows a treat not an every day thing; I loved the Jetsons, New Zoo Revue, and Captain Kangaroo.

It is fun to reminisce about a time when things were a little more simple; that is not to say I would want to ever go backwards, but it is always good to check the review mirror every once in a while.
Who doesn't love the California Raisins?  Found these in Etsy Shop, Aquarius247 at http://ow.ly/cse0d

'When I was 5, even the Hamms Comercial made for a good cartoon' by ButterflyInTheAttic

Miss that bear's dance

Hamms Beer Sign,Vintage Sig...
Hamms Beer Bear Brown Paper ...
Hamm's Beer - "The ...
Hamm's Beer Beer Can Ope...
VNTG Hamm's Beer Bottle
1960s Hamm's Beer Dancin...
Pair of Pub pins
Hamm's 1973 Beer Stein, ...
Vintage Hamm's bottle ca...
1950's Hamm's Beer B...
Vintage Hamm's Beer Coas...
Hamm's Beer For Presiden...
Pour me a cold one - VINTAGE...
Vintage Bottle Openers - Lot...
Hamm's Beer Sign

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