Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Treasured Wednesday

Well we made it through to another Wednesday and at the end of this day most of us will be on the downward side of the hill moving towards another weekend.  Unfortunately for me my work week starts on Tuesday so today just means I survived my first day back at work.  It is so amazing to me how fast time really goes.  One minute I am on the beach with my new husband and the next I am back into the routine; seems like we never skipped a beat.

But the memories will last forever and it was a beautiful moment in my life.  While there are many, a couple of my favorite were when I seen a whale come up out of the ocean for the first time.  It was quite far out and I could only catch a quick blurry picture; it was so breathtaking to actually think that I was able to see this for first hand while sitting on the sandy beach.  I was also able to catch some shots of Sea Otters (one of my favorite animals) and a couple great shots of Sea Lions.  While fairly easy to spot, the Pelicans were another one of my favorites.
These are things that I had only dreamed of seeing and never in my Midwest life thought I would have had a chance to see any of it first hand.

Here are a couple of quick shots:
Morro Bay, CA

Morro Bay, CA

Morro Bay, CA

Morro Bay, CA

Sorry that this one is hard to see but at the left you can see the whale's tail.  Pismo Beach, CA
I will share more about the Wedding on Sunday (when I don't have to work) and can spend more time picking out my pictures.  This may have been one of the most simple weddings by it truly was my dream wedding and I couldn't be happier.
Now onto my Kudos to the great Artists and Curators I find on Etsy and Artfire:

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Christie Cottage said...

Love the photos! Congratulations again!