Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Meet and Greet the Members of the Pacific Postcards Team - GingerKellyStudio

Our Meet and Greet the Pacific Postcards Team member is Lauren Kelly Small owner of Etsy shop, Ginger KellyStudio.  Laura's shop is absolutely stunning; her art work draws you in and you will find yourself on a mystical journey through haunted woods and magical meadows.  I love her artwork and find just captivating.  Best of all is that she uses her art to create postcards, what could be better than receiving a card that lets your mind wander into a fantasy.  Here are some of my favorites:
From Lauren's Shop Announcement:
"Welcome to my little shop of fantasy art prints and original illustrations. The artwork you see here is hand drawn and digitally painted by me, Lauren Kelly Small aka Ginger Kelly. Like me? >> Please support my page on Facebook

Each piece is designed & handmade by me. My jewelery and garments are created from new and vintage recycled materials, finished with embroidery and delicate embellishments. Romantic, feminine & One-of-a-kind..."
~Lauren Kelly Small

"I'm Lauren. Graphic Artist, Illustrator and Fashion designer from Upper Orara on the Mid North Coast of NSW, Australia.

I'm known as Ginger Kelly or Ginger Kelly Studio on many art forums online. I love to make things. I'm inspired by dreams, folk tales, mythology and places I've visited & fallen in love with. I read traditional fairy tales from around the world and children's storybooks. I admire Pre-Raphaelite art and vintage photography.

Sometimes I am asked what I do with my spare time. The truth is, I fill every hour of every day painting and drawing as well as making jewelry and designing and sewing clothes so I don't often have 'spare' time!

It is my dream to one day have my own cottage and art studio with a stable and field for my horses that comes right up to my studio window. To be able to support & express myself through my artwork and design is my ideal existence and I hope to make this dream a possibility by sharing my artwork and imagination with you.

Please visit my website for more information and to view my artwork portfolio

xxx Lauren

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Currently the Pacific Postcards Team is holding their first Autumn Treasury Challenge this is open to all Etsy members.  For more information on this fun challenge click on: The Pacific Postcards Team Autumn Treasury Challenge
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