Thursday, August 23, 2012

Natural Craft - Gourds

This beautiful fall photograph can be purchased from Etsy Shop, TonyLaidig at

I don't think that I wa very different from other children growing up when I say that I had a deep love and fascination with gourds.  I loved the fact that you could dry them and they would stay in perfect shape and turn into mini musical instruments; just shake.  You could paint them, glue things to them, including glitter; what better gift from nature could you ask for?  I still feel that way.

Imagine now how many project ideas and plans go through my mind as adult now knowing how many different types and shapes of gourds exist.  It is crazy how this simple plant is so diverse.  From natural Lufa sponges to Birdhouses the possibilities are endless. Here are a couple of great videos that will get you started on your gourd art: 

If you are interested in creating with gourds there are several sources on Etsy for you to get almost any shape or size to work with. Here are a few: There are also many beautiful finished projects for those of us that would love to decorate with gourds for the fall season but don't want to do out ourselves. I truly think that nothing says "Welcome Autumn" like a gourd:

'Great Gourds for the Do It Yourselfer...Have fun!!' by ButterflyInTheAttic

Box of Clean Gourds - Ready ...
Lot of 12 Gourds Craft - Nic...
Gourds Box of 20 dried, clea...
7 Giant African Bushel Gourd...
Big Box of Clean Dried Craft...
Homegrown gourds
25 Quality Mini Pear Gourds ...
50 Tennessee Spinner, Dancin...
15 Egg Gourds
Huge Bushel Gourd
Bottle Neck Gourd
100% Natural Bath scrub - Ri...
Dried Drilled Birdhouse Gour...
12 Egg Gourds and Seeds Dec...
Gourds for crafting
Bushel Gourd

'Amazing Gourd Art for Halloween' by ButterflyInTheAttic

Halloween Gourd Jack O Lante...
HALLOWEEN Gourd Cat Witch
Gourd Owl
Little Gourd Bug Brooch
Halloween Painted Gourd Jack...
Halloween Gourd Spooky Casp...
Halloween Haunted Tree Gourd
Shrunken Head gourds - Set o...
Hand Painted Ghost and Grave...
Harry the Hand Sculpted Gour...
Nightmare Before Christmas G...
Bat Inn Lighted Halloween Go...
Across the Moon, pumpkin gou...
Friendly Jack - Whimsical a...
Large JOL Gourd on Pedestal
Folk Art Gourd Box

'Fancy Fine Art with Gourds... Such beauty for your Thanksgiving Home Deco' by ButterflyInTheAttic

Timberland Pine Needle Coili...
Carved Oil Candle
Moroccan Peacock Gourd Lamp
gourd, carved and painted fa...
Large Gourd Bowl with lid A...
Carved and Hand Painted Gour...
Painted Gourd Autumn Fall Ho...
Hanging Pinwheel light
Brown Gourd fruit Bowl with ...
Decorative Hand-painted Gour...
Medium gourd bowl, wood burn...
Abundant Harvest - Hand Pain...
Decorative Gourd Birdhouse
Carved Autumn Leaves Gourd B...
Autumn Wolf Gourd Vase
Field Mouse Harvest

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