Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bob Barker & The Price Is Right 40th Birthday Bash Snub

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While The Price Is Right celebrates its 40th Birthday, Drew Carry will be the live host and Bob Barker will be featured as vintage video clips instead.  Why?  Possibly because of his strong and active views on animal rights.  After leaving the show, Barker has reported that they have offered trips to places where animal cruelity has been acceptable and part of the package deal.  A trip to Canada's Calgary Stampede, where horse are killed in the conditions of the stampeded, and others have stirred Barker to call everyone in CBS that he could to stop the use of trips to these places. 
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 Unfortunately it seems that we, as a society, have become very good at turning a blind eye to issues that may not be convenient for us at the time.  Rather take that trip at the expense of the horse because it is "an Experience of a life time" and ignor the harsh reality that living creatures die simply for entertainment purposes. 

I have to say that I personally found "Please remember to Spay and Neuter your pets" at the end of every show annoying but it did get the message accross because I still remember it.  I respect the man for standing up for what was and is right and how much he has done for animal rights.  I can't imagine how hurtful it was to dedicate so much time to CBS to simply have them "snub" you like they did. 

Sorry Bob but just know that many of us that grew up with you saying "come on down" don't even watch the show now that you are no longer the host.

A little nostalgic today, so here's to the good old Price Is Right:
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