Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy First Day Of Autumn

Happy first day of Autumn!  I love the changing seasons, it always promises something new and exciting around each corner.   Every quarter I announce _______ is my favorite season, but I have come to the conclusion that they all are my favorites and I love each for their colors, holidays, traditions, and fond memories specific to that time of year.  With winter only tying the others because of Christmas.

Now that I live in California and don't have to fight the frigid cold I love Fall and Winter even more.  Yes we have the change of seasons.  But one large difference for us in the Central Valley is that we don't have to freeze our back sides off to go view the changing colors and they are a bit later in the year than in other states.  Starting towards the end of October-November the leaves will change to display their brilliance along side the traditional California Palms.  Here are a few pictures from last years show:

Where ever you are I hope that you have a wonderful and bountiful Autumn this year!

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Pamela Baker said...

Happy Autumn - one of the most beautiful and refreshing times of the years. Your pictures are beautiful. I pinned the first one onto my Pin Board Autumn Leaves!