Saturday, December 29, 2012

One Last OMG Fashion Trend For 2012

So right before the New Year I like to go back over years gone by.  I am sure I am not alone but right before I could close the chapter on this year someone had to squeak in one last eyebrow raising, WTF, are you serious fashion mishap.  I realize the most people think that you could put a burlap sack over a top model and they can make it look good (most often true) but I just found one thing that even a top model can't make look good.  You have to watch this video it is too funny - she can't even walk.  I think the expression on her face is not a professional pose but one that says "when I get my hands on my agent, I am going to..." I hope you enjoy and have a blessed day.  I know I am blessed because I never had to try on these shoes:)

If you are like me and love to see the funny things people will wear here is a great link to get more!  The link lands on my favorite:   enjoy:)

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