Monday, March 25, 2013

Meet the New Members Of The Pacific Postcard Team Part 4

Part 4 of Meet the New Members of the Pacific Postcards Team. I just want to say thank you to our members I really appreciate your membership.

Help me welcome:
 Phot Treasure Chest
Barbie Rivett
"I love immersing myself into old photos, moments in time held forever in an image.

I have been collecting vintage greeting cards, cookbooks and just about any ephemera for years.

My intention is to share these images with you.

I also have a secret desire to craft with photos--so you you never know what surprises may await you.

Please check my store often to see what new Treasures I have." ~Barbie Rivett
One Strange Girl

One Strange Girl
"By day I am a mother, forensic scientist, professor and wife, but by night I am a whore to all things vintage! Sometimes I even get a little creative with my finds.

In my family you either have the "gene" or you don't; the love of garage sales, rummage sales, auctions and just plain old junk. It gets passed down from one generation to the next. I inherited it from my mom...somehow it missed my sister...and now one of my daughters has it too. At age 12 she appreciates the finer things in life...old black telephones, cool dress forms and vintage clothing.

Please take a look around my shop and enjoy!" ~One Strange Girl
 Jodi Cay

"Welcome to my vintage and supplies store!

Look for my handmade goods in a separate store:

This store is for the stash of vintage items that I have collected after several years of being addicted to estate auctions.

Plus, I'm one of those people that has to try every art and craft on the face of the earth, so I have lots of supplies that I'm not using any more.

I will try to describe everything as completely as possible, noting any flaws or imperfections." ~Jodi
 The Vintage Barrel

Brenda M
"Hi, And thanks for looking at my profile! I am married, and have four children from a previous marriage. My youngest is a junior in Highschool.

I love going to yardsales, flea markets and auctions. I gravitate toward paper items and ephemera. But love vintage linens and patterns also. I will gladly search for special requests.

Thanks for looking and be sure to check out my shops:
for vintage collectibles.
for vintage sewing and craft supplies.
for vintage greeting cards and digital scans" ~Brenda M
Denise Meister
"Hello, Am new to this site but not to online selling , over 500 feedback on the other site that starts with e and ends with y / novascotia_canada
I married into a family of collector's and it has kinda rubbed off on me :)
We have one son,24 and a 20 year old daughter at Memorial University in Newfoundland.
We go to auctions to find treasures to keep and resell , so items I list will be mostly vintage rather than handcrafted . Will possibly be listing my sister in- law and her husbands hand crafted bowls & cutting boards that they sell weekends at the market in Halifax NS." ~Denise Meister
 My Real Vintage
Vladimir Kandakov
"I am interesting in vintage things: photo, soviet russian military, porcelain figures." ~Vladimir Kandakov

Astrid Habraken
 "Addicted to reading, writing and everything that has to do with postcards. Love food, stationary, shabby chique and vintage. Born in the Netherlands, moved to Austria in 2010 and to Germany in december 2012. I am the owner of Cardcetera and am working with a team of freelance photographers to create unique postcards." ~Astrid Habraken
Grace Reynolds
"My first love is my needlework - I first learned to crochet from my favorite aunt at age 7, and my love for embroidery started about the same time. I would spend hours with my hook and thread, making those knots and loops, and pushing that needle through the fabric, making the design come alive with the different colors of threads. During recess at grade school, you would sometimes find me on the school steps, stitchin' away, while all the others were out playing!

I once had a Quilt & Needlework shop, located in a busy shopping center. It was a lot of fun, but being open 7 days a week, was a lot of work. My daughter and I kept very busy for those 6 years with classes, promotions, a monthly newsletter, and hosted a quilt & needlework show for 3 years in a row at our local Apple Festival. It was a great experience, but I am now ready for a slower life style, and enjoying my shop here on Etsy, and look forward to meeting all my great new customers!" ~Grace Reynolds


If you are interested on becoming a member of the Pacific Postcards Team please go to this link and click "Apply."

We have 2 different memberships: one is a general membership, for those who love postcards and collecting postcards and the other is designed for shops with at least 25% of their
items listed are postcards.

The only difference in the memberships is that the latter will be included in shop
interviews, BNRs and postcard related activities. We also plan on having activities for
the general memberships. Hope to see you there soon.


Brenda said...

Wonderful blog. Thanks so much!

KC @ genxfinance said...

This is the first I've heard of The Pacific Postcard Team. But hey, would liek to know more about them.

Butterfly In The Attic said...

Good evening. The postcard team is on Etsy. It is for shops or individuals that love postcards and/or ephemera. the link for more information for the team is posted above. I would to see you joining our great little group.