Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Illusion of Time

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I want to believe that I am normal, but my personality and some of the phases I go through makes me wonder.  I think that the biggest thing I struggle with is time. 

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I feel like time is always slipping away from me.  I am careful with my personal time and stash away the days off from my day job like a squirrel with a nut.  I find myself counting down the free time I have in minutes and making sure that each one is productive.  I try to make use of time riding in the car, I multi task through my morning routine (I won't go into details,) and my biggest trick is to trim down the time allowed for sleep.  But yet despite my best effort to slow this ticking clock down it flies past without hesitation.

Is this obsession over losing time a consequence from wishing time away as a child? or is it because I know that I may have less time because I have Multiple Sclerosis? or better yet is it because I like to do so many many things that there is just no time?
I am not sure...
I want to live my life to the fullest and I feel that the finely tuned juggling act has been in my life for so long I don't know any different.  But at times I wonder if I am delusional in thinking that I am actually keeping all these balls up in the air.  Is there a reality that I can't see but others can?   Am I in the middle of all the balls fallen, strewn around me as I stand smiling tossing one ball over and over again up into the air like a demented clown?
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What has brought me to this breaking point you ask.... Taxes!  I am late in getting together all of my information for that dreaded day. Tax Day the day we in America see every April 14th or 15th of our natural adult life.   I am a good girl and really do try to get together all of my info so that it is an accurate reflection of my last year.  But it takes so much time and I find myself pushing it off until the last minute.  Every year I promise myself that I will save the stress and do it earlier but alas, it never happens.  AAARRGGGHH!
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Note: not only does the government take almost half of my income, it has taken over 840 minutes of my precious time too! 
What a way to spend the weekend. :P
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What has this to do with Sunday?  I have been praying, a lot.  More than normal.
I am going to go get donuts.
Have a blessed day.

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