Monday, May 20, 2013

New Members Of The Pacific Postcards Team - Series 26

Please remember that we have our very own Postcard Forum for any questions about specific postcards, collecting, creating, basically anything and everything about postcards.  Finally found a rare card for your collection?  Use the forum to show off that new found treasure.
I am also happy to announce that we have expanded our Pacific Postcards Team past the confines of Etsy.  You can now join in the fun even if you don't have an Etys account by joining the Pacific Postcards Team on G+ .  Another great way to share our passion for postcards.  I have not built a button for this yet so here is the link to our new community.  If you know anyone that is in love with postcards and ephemera please pass this link onto them.  Go to
Now for our new members:
Original altered art collage
"I enjoy being a part of the Etsy community and interacting with other artists and my customers. Please stop by once in awhile to see what is new and thanks for taking the time to visit my shop today.

I hope you enjoy my collage art and will come back to visit again.

My daughter Tiffany has opened a shop and sells some of my art items as matted prints, magnets and cards in her shop." ~Eva
Save The Date Cards Save The Date Magnets Cardcandy

"Thanks for visiting! I'm a professional designer living in the beautiful Asheville, NC mountains. I'd like to thank my mother for giving me the idea to start this shop.

I enjoy running, live music, pumpkin pie, and interesting people.

I'm always interested in talking to people that visit my shop, so feel free to convo me with questions! " ~ Reginald Whicker
Personalized Cards, Invitations & Announcments 

"I am a mom of 2 precious little girls. I have spent the years of their lives creating invitations and cards for their special moments, scrap-booking their lives, and preserving every memory I can. When I began to create invitations and announcements, and even Christmas cards for my friends and family - I discovered that I loved doing it and would love to make my own little niche in the business of handmade creations." ~Kimberly Williman
Ireland Rose's Nostalgia
Ireland Rose's
"Artist, photographer...with a love for vintage, old worn treasures. Keep busy with many ongoing projects...restoring vintage photos, petit point needlework, painting, soldering, quilting..and just about anything else that I yearn to try. I cherish new fallen snow, a sunlit spring morning, a crisp and exhilarating fall day.....and of course, my children. My favorite words are Epiphany and Grace. I have a passion for horses, photography, creme brulee and heartfelt literature. I enjoy meeting new people and absorbing and learning about others lifestyles, their hearts and their dreams... along with photographing the surroundings to share, so that one might find their own piece of joy amongst a busy world. There is never a dull moment and I am enjoying the journey and adventure that goes along with the ride." ~Ireland Rose's Nostalgia
Family Run Vintage Store - Dolls, Books, and much more

Patty Ramsey
"Heritage General Store - Old Time Variety Store of Antiques and Vintage

I have loved antiques ever since I refinished my first piece of furniture at the age of 13. Working on that dining room set not only hooked me on antiques, but also on auctions. After taking years off with the busy-ness of raising children - I have returned to attending auctions. We hope to open the physical location of Heritage General Store in the next year. In the meantime - we will be selling some of our inventory online - something we hope to do even after our store opens.

We are the parents of 12 children - 11 still living at home. We chose the name Heritage General Store because our heritage is very important to us. We want to honor those who have gone before us and have made a way for us to have the fulfilled lives we do. In the same way, we hope to leave a legacy of love and faith for our children - a support system they will carry with them throughout their lives. Heritage General Store is one way that we are creating family ties.

The store itself is a joint venture with my sister and brother-in-law playing a major role. Some of our children are catching the antique fever, also. Some of our girls have picked an area that they will be collecting and selling: Emily(16) and Mercy (13) have become interested in dolls, and Abby (11) is collecting milk glass. I am collecting a little bit of everything else!

We thank you for stopping in to learn more about our store. We hope you come back to see the new items we hope to post very soon.

We have also opened a second Etsy store to concentrate on postcards and other paper goods. Please check it out:

And please, join our blog at:

Come see us at: also!" ~Patty Ramsey
The Mean Butterfly

"I am new to the vintage game,but I really love it. I can't believe how excited I get over what other people consider junk!!! I love older glassware and pottery,but not to sell. I can't part with any of it yet. Most of the stuff I do sell is stuff my husband has found and won't mind if I get rid of. He is also a junker!!! The dirtier the better he says. We have 3 kids and we hope to pass the love of junk and thriftiness on to them and hope to show them that you can make a living doing what you love. Hopefully, soon I will have some of my handmade items up for sale. My plan is to start that after Christmas, so keep checking in to see. Thank you and I hope you enjoy my store!!!!" ~ Melanie Messer
Vintage, Antique, RePurposed & UpCycled Stuffs
Sara Peluso
Pacific Postcards Team
If you are interested on becoming a member of the Pacific Postcards Team please go to this link and click "Apply."

We have 2 different memberships: one is a general membership, for those who love postcards and collecting postcards and the other is designed for shops with at least 25% of their
items listed are postcards.

The only difference in the memberships is that the latter will be included in shop
interviews, BNRs and postcard related activities. We also plan on having activities for
the general memberships. Hope to see you there soon.


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