Saturday, June 15, 2013

Introducing Colorado Moon; Postcard Giveaway

Colorado Moon
I am happy to introduce Emily Yamazawa, an artist that has set up shop on Etsy.  Her lovely shop, Colorado Mono, was established in April this year and is off to a wonderful start.  Her unique art is refreshing and fun.  Best of all they are postcards!  Just imagine receiving one her beautiful pieces in the mail.
Emily has provide us with a great interview and a chance to win one of her wonderful cards! (Located after the interview)
1.  Tell me a bit about yourself...
Live in Denver Colorado with my husband. I do a lot of running and hiking and love learning new languages (currently learning Arabic!)
Started painting etegami about 5 years ago with my grandmother.
2.Apart from creating, what do you do?
English as a Second Language Teacher in Denver Colorado.I work with refugees from all over the world who have escaped persecution in their home countries (Iraq, Sudan, Somalia, Burma, Bhutan to name a few)
I teach literacy skills (how to identify letters, spatial recognition, study skills)
3.What first made you want to create?
I have always loved writing people letters and postcards since I was a kid. Even now, I write about 2-5 letters a week to friends and family, and also to random people who want to receive letters! So the art of etegami really spoke to me. It is a nice way to let someone know you are thinking of them, without the time commitment & sometimes heaviness of a letter .
A spin off of    go big or go home” this postcard shows a bit of
tongue and cheek poking to encourage a friend to really challenge
an obstacle in their life and keep persevering.
4.Describe you creative process?
I want it to be natural so I spend a lot of time in nature and outside to get motivated and inspired. Also, I like to paint about what is going on in the world so I read a lot of books and newspapers to gain insight.
5.What handmade possession do you cherish most?
A leather brooch that my great grandmother made.
6.What one piece of information would you like to know from experienced etsy sellers?
How do you set yourself apart? It seems like there are a gazillion sites on etsy!
7.What is your favorite feature or tool on Etsy so far?
The forums are pretty awesome!
8.How are you promoting your work?
I am trying to gain courage to enter myself in a small local craft fair, but it hasn't happened yet. This interview is probably my first step in a while! I should work on my facebook page but I keep getting tied up with my work!
9.Where do you want to be in ten years?
I'd love to get postcard painting be a bigger part of my life. I really love it!
As far as teaching, I want to help volunteers with tools to teach ESL learners.

 Giveaway Open to US residents only

Win this wonderful postcard
Genki kana in Japanese literally means “How you doin’?” It’s a nice way to surprise someone’s mailbox and their day!

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Anonymous said...

my favorite item would be the omedeto post card!

by the way, i'm really in love with the colors and the simplicity of your work. :)

Karen said...

I love the persimmon postcard! It is super cute!! I also love persimmons. :))