Monday, October 7, 2013

New Members Of The Pacific Postcards Team - Series 45

Don't forget to watch for our Postcard Party Link Up tomorrow right here on ButterflyInTheAttic.  We will start early tomorrow morning and be open through the week.  A great way to show off 3 of your favorites!  Here is the link to this last weeks and our first Party (It is still open until tomorrow if you want to link up!)
Postcard Lover's Tuesday

Now for today's new members:
Vintage postcards, art, photos and other treasures.
Stewart Reed

"ArtfulGeographic is where my collecting, selling, and fledgling artistic attempts come together. I am in the early stages of becoming a vintage photograph and postcard addict, and selling some of my finds allows me to look for more treasure troves to search through. I am a high school history teacher, so for me real photo postcards are the ultimate glimpse into the lives of ordinary Americans. I come from a very artistic family, and have lots of ideas floating around in my brain, but have only recently attempted to use vintage ephemera to put them onto paper. I love Etsy for being a place that I can connect with other collectors and treasure hunters, and maybe find someone who will want my creations..." ~Stewart Reed
 "I am cynthia from the Netherlands.
I am a collector of all things I find beautiful, fun, colorful and cute.
For years I have collected so many things that I have no more space. The result is that many things are now in boxes in the attic.
Very sad, so I decided to do things away because they are too good to stand in a box on a dark attic.
I hope you like my stuff and you will give them the the place that they deserve." ~Cynthia

 Nostalgic, Vintage, Retro jewelry The Eclectic Kinetric
Spanky Luvs
 "Hi there!
I have always loved (and always will luv) anything old vintage eclectic unusual or odd and take pleasure in mixing the old with the new it photos...trinkets..clothes... vintage jewelry mixed with new jewelry ...etc.etc....
I know that at this point in my life..
...instead of buying more and more and tucking away in drawers...I need to start passing it on to someone else who will keep it on the outside! I have been involved in a family retail furniture and accessories business for most of my adult life..I have often received compliments on my eclectic style creativity and design..I have never felt that I am an expert on anything (because there is always more to be learned :-) In the process I know I will not overlook my passion regarding the past while at the same time looking forward to the future!

I will be consolidating my other shop into this one as the listings expire in order to keep better track of things... most of my handmade recycled and re-invented items are in my handmade shop currently here at Etsy .....

I hope you will find time to visit my facebook page
Peace ya'll :=)" ~SpankyLuvsVintage

Bucks County Vintage : vintage, antiques, handmade
Cynthia Craft

"I've always loved vintage and antique objects for the stories they tell. A journalist (and artist) by profession, I was first drawn to old postcards for the charmingly mysterious messages written by the sender. Then my eye drifted to ephemera -- so easy to collect because it's stackable! My fondness for antiques also stretch back to when I was a small child and my mother and sister and I would stroll down Cherry Lane in Doylestown (Bucks County, PA.) to the only store in walking distance -- an antique shop. I have fond memories of the dark wooden mysteries of that shop and how my mother would buy us treasures to play with -- antique dolls, doll clothes, a white wicker stroller.
Now I have more collections than I can comfortably house and I am sharing them with you. In this shop, you'll find antiques, some dating back to the Civil War, true Americana, antiques from Peru (where I lived and taught university for three years), mid-century and vintage delights. And, lots of beloved ephemera. Come back again soon!" ~Cynthia Craft
 "Welcome to my Shop! Don't you love the smell and look of old books and paper? Isn't it pleasing to see eye-catching art? Aren't you intrigued when you come across a vintage oddity? Well! You've come to the right place!!"~NoisyBoy
********************************************************************************** We have expanded our Pacific Postcards Team past the confines of Etsy. You can now join in the fun even if you don't have an Etsy account by joining the Pacific Postcards Team on G+ . Another great way to share our passion for postcards. I have not built a button for this yet so here is the link to our new community. If you know anyone that is in love with postcards and ephemera please pass this link onto them. Go to

The only difference in the memberships is that the latter will be included in shop
interviews, BNRs and postcard related activities. We also plan on having activities for
the general memberships. Hope to see you there soon.
Please remember that we have our very own Postcard Forum for any questions about specific postcards, collecting, creating, basically anything and everything about postcards. Finally found a rare card for your collection? Use the forum to show off that new found treasure.

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