Sunday, January 12, 2014

Inspirational Sunday Party; Laughter Is The Best Medicine 9

As I woke up this morning I felt a strong dull ache pulling at the back of my neck on the right side.  I remember it was strong enough to wake me up several times last night.  My first reaction was WOW! I wonder what I did to my neck?!  But as I am running scenarios of possible causes through my mind I realize I did nothing to it physically.

I have had this before, often, and much more often in the past because it is caused by stress.  I was raised in a household of stress and carried that stress throughout my adult life, thinking that this was a normal way to live.  I have a very stressful job, a special needs daughter with significant health issues, I had a messy divorce, finances, etc., etc., etc.  Since deciding to leave the madness behind and only keep the people in my life that were positive and healthy things had improved but only a little.  At least the anxiety attacks were yearly instead of daily but still is that really how a person wants to live or should live?

That is when I discovered that stress and negativity wasn't only about who and what was in my life but it was about me.  The new task set before me was to retrain my thinking to kick out any anxiety forming and crippling thoughts.  "Easy!" the well balanced, non stressed person would say but not so.  I am in year 5 of my project and suffering the physical woes this morning of my back slide into the depths of my self inflicted stress. 

Stress helps no one including yourself; it doesn't prevent bad things from happening (often it will help create it), it doesn't cure yours or your loved one's possible ailments (instead makes you sick,) and it is overall simply destructive.  So I have come to point in my life that while I may not have master kicking stress' butt, I can readily identify it and then find ways to get past it.

Why am I sharing this with you?  The world has become so filled with stressed people that many have accepted it as normal, just like I did.  Really?!  Just because cancer is prevalent and alzheimer's is on the rise are we going to except those as normal?  No! we want to stamp them out.  Stress is a desease in my eyes but it's one that we have great controll over.

I hope that you will share your tips, posts, experiences etc. and help me create a little piece of stress relief through my Sunday posts.  Please link in and comment I am always learning so I would enjoy hearing what you do to relieve stress.  For me the easiest is to simply Laugh!  Yes Laughter Is The Best Medicine:

From FB Page: When I Laugh, You Laugh, We Laugh

From FB page: Big Kitty Designs at
From FB page: Author Julia Quinn at!/AuthorJuliaQuinn
From FB Page: Diabetes Support at

Last but not least this is absolutely the funniest.  You will find it especially funny if you watch SNL.
So now it is your turn. What has tickled your funny bone or inspired you this week?
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Laughter Is The Best Medicine
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