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Flashback Thursday; Life In America - The 1980's

Flashback Thursday; 1980's
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The 1980's was my era, I'm a Gen X'r !  Born 1970 my strongest memories is of the 80's and just like most people I remember it all with rose colored glasses.  It was a generation of big hair (no one had a good hair style... NO ONE!) Self expression by printing it onto your Tee Shirt, and MTV.

Flashback Thursday; 1980
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I was a strange child that would watch cartoons (normal) and the news (not so normal.)  I loved being able to talk about the latest events and politics so I remember being passionate about Reagan and Ollie North.
Flashback Thursday; 1980's
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It was the dawn of personal technology; computers, video games, VCR's, Microwaves, we could afford all of it... What is not to love?
Flashback Thursday; 1980's
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In the 80's life in America was booming but the threat of Cold War was always looming in the background.
Flashback Thursday; 1980
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Gorbachev and the Berlin Wall were common knowledge and peace had a simple solution - disarmament.  Terrorism was shocking and distant, if you didn't fly international you didn't have anything to worry about.
Flashback Thursday; 1980's
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Ahhh The 80's

Flashback Thursday: 1980's

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TheaMillerRyan said...

Ah, the nostalgia! To think I lived through it and didn't appreciate it until my own daughter started wanting to wear my 80s clothes!