Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Collecting Memories: The Living Desert Zoo Palm Desert California

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Most children love going to the zoo and I was no different.  In my very early childhood I lived near the wonderful Milwaukee Zoo; it was at least an hour drive so it was too far to go often but close enough to make a visit once in a while.  

One of my best memories is a trip to the zoo with my grandparents.  People were more frugal with their funds at that time so my grandmother had packed a pick-nick lunch of my favorite foods which included homemade Sloppy Joes!  Isn't it funny what things stay with you in your memories?  

I have never grown out of my love for zoos and I am especially blessed to live near the Living Desert Zoo in Palm Desert California.  What is especially lovely about this zoo is that the animals our housed in a habitat very similar to their natural homes.  Happy animals are much more fun to watch than sad caged animals.  They also have created a beautiful botanical garden throughout the park along with a giant model train scape and so much more.  You can spend hours and hours and never see this zoo in its entirety.

Terry and I are members so when we go we hit our favorite spots first and then spend time exploring the rest of the zoo.  I have noticed that because of the seasonal changes the zoo's botanical gardens change so much that it is like visiting areas for the first time.

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