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Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Treaty of Paris Signed on FlashbackThursday

My cute little mice back in October 1994

Today in 1783 the Treaty of Paris was signed by the US, France, Great Britain and Spain, which marked the official end of the Revolutionary War.  This treaty meant that the United States was recognized as a free nation.  For more information on the Treaty of Paris go to

Rhode Island Revolutionary War Flag, Don't Tread On Me, Sullivans Life Guard
Rhode Island Revolutionary War Flag, Don't Tread On Me, Sullivans Life Guard

The American Revolution on Flashback Thursday

The Treaty of Paris Signed 1783
The Great American Revolution Collectors Plate
American Revolution Bicentennial  Coin Samuel Adams Patrick Henry Collectible L717
Vintage American Revolution Patriotic Dolls
Join Or Die Franklin American Revolution Flag Distressed Barn Wood Art
1970s American Revolution Game Skirmish American Heritage Milton Bradley 1975
Royal Doulton Figurines Soldiers of the Revolution Complete Set of 13, Fine Porcelain
The Night The Revolution Began, Revolutionary War, Boston Tea party, British, Fight for independence, Red Coats, Boston, Tea Act, Stamp Act
Antique Daughters of the American Revolution "Excellence in History" 1930s ribbon pins, collectible antiques
Revolution Soldiers Coffee Cup Candle You Choose Your Scent and Color!
Paper Soldiers of the American Revolution
Vintage Patriotic American Revolution Medium Weight Cotton Yardage 2 1/4 Yards
Large Vintage Tin with TWO Lids, American Revolution Paintings, Washington Crossing the Delaware, Signing the Declaration of Indepenence
The War of the Revolution by Christopher Ward - First Edition
Girls Revolutionary War Deborah Sampson Costume - American Revolution Soldier - Female Historical Figures
Madame Roland and the Age of Revolution by Gita May, History of the Girondists & the French Revolution 18th Century Vintage History Book
1904 COSTUMES of the Time of the Revolution Book Print Illustration

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The Treaty of Paris Signed on FlashbackThursday

American Revolution Patriot Soldier Watercolor 8x10" Print- Americana Decor
Vintage George Washington Soul of the Revolution (First Ed. 1932)
Vintage Fort Wm McHenry Flag
American Revolution Bicentennial National Society DAUGHTERS of the AMERICAN REVOLUTION Society Bronze Medallion Medal
The Great American Revolution Pewter and Ceramic Plate Spirit of 76 Duracast 1776
Capo-di-Monte American Revolution Figurine
1882 Antique Engraving showing a View of the Town of Concord, Massachusetts during the American Revolution
Rhode Island Revolutionary War Flag, Don't Tread On Me, Sullivans Life Guard
Distinguished MASONS of the Revolution George Washington Benjamin Franklin Digitally Remastered Fine Art Print / Poster
1976 American Revolution Bicentennial  Edition Kentucky Bourbon Decanter by Early Times
Three Elastolin American Revolution Soldiers
The Battle of Trenton
The American Revolution, 1760-1783  Bruce Bliven Jr, Landmark Books, Random House publisher, 1958
SALE July 4th theme. Folk art style scene American Revolution Fife and Drum Corps 8X10 original canvas framed
McCalls 2258 Mens Revolutionary War, Colonial, Frock Coat, Weskit, Shirt, Breeches, Tricorn Hat, Size 40, 42, 44 & 44, 46, 48
Military Uniforms in America:  The Era of the American Revolution, 1755-1795 by JohnR. Elting

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