Thursday, March 3, 2016

National On-Hold Month on Flashback Thursday

March is National On-Hold Month. And yes, it is recognition for the all the times we have been put on hold... Yeah! (picture confetti falling)  Very corny thing to be recognizing but I thought it would be fun to look at the history of our phone system.  Like so many other things we forget how different the original technology was from what we use today.  It wasn't that long ago I was dragging the phone into the closest closet for privacy because I was tethered to the wall by a cord.  Now landlines without a portable phone is almost a thing of the past, and almost all homes have cordless phones.

So Happy National On-Hold Month!

One of my baby pictures for Flashback Thursday.

Flashback Thursday Looking At The History of Phones

Vintage 1930s Western Electric Desktop Telephone, Rotary Dial, Beautiful, Refurbished, Working
Awesome Vintage Bubblegum Pink Telephone
Vintage Rotary Retro French Victorian Style Telephone Western Electric
Vintage Mural Telephone
Antique Brass Candlestick Telephone, Rotary Dial Candlestick Phone, 1915 Patent
Western Electric telephone with seperate ringer
70's LM telephone, Made in Sweden by Ericsson
Vintage French Phone, Rotary Phone, Rare Cameo Telephone
Vintage 1970's White Doughnut Sculptural Telephone
Ericofon Telephone
Vintage GPO Black Bakelite Telephone Call Exchange retro antique dial phone
Telephone Rare Pink Rotary desk top phone .epsteam
1930's Western Electric Telephone With Oak Dovetail Crank Ringer Box.
Solo 1986 Northern Telecom Desk Telephone
Western Electric candlestick telephone
Hollywood Regency Telephone
Edinburgh Print, Large City Wall Art, Red Phone Box, Black and White Photography, Architectural Print, Urban, Telephone Booth, Scotland Art
Bell Telephone Vintage phone ad, Walk up, Drive Up, 1960's, Retro, public phone booth, pay phones, black and white ad, consumer ad
Vintage Bell System Public Telephone  Porcelain Enamel Flange Sign
True Vintage Copper Pay Phone
rare Phone Coin Piggy BANK Ceramic Rotary Dial Pay Phone Glass Wall Hanging Telephone **ON SALE**
1955 Bell Telephone System Vintage Advertising 1950s Man in Phone Booth Print Ad, Wall Art Decor
Vintage 1980s public Pay Phone surround. Molded plastic, free standing or wall mount. Have a land line phone? Put this around it! Bell South
Travel London Telephone Booth Black and White Photograph
Greece Photography Canvas: Yellow Telephone Booth
Bellsouth Pay Phone Home Telephone, Vintage Black Chrome Western Electric USED
Vintage Phone Booth Set Dressing CATE BLANCHETT Mid Century Movie Prop Furniture
Red yellow telephone booth photograph HELLO YELLOW   yellow phone hand piece Boston travel
1989 Panasonic VCR Advertisement Program From Pay Phone Programmable VHS Recording TV Shows 80s Electronics Wall Art Decor
Vintage Telephone Booth, Take a Picture, in a telephone booth,  Zero for Operator, Black and White, Dial Clockwise, Telecommunications ,fPOE
Vintage Ideal 1950s Toy Telephone Bank Talking Telephone Toy 1950s Ideal Plastic Wall Mount Vintage Telephone Bank Toy Ideal Company 1950s
Travel photography red telephone booth british telephone booth photography red photography winter photography british home decor RED TARDIS
Vintage Earl Bernard Mod Girl Telephone Bank Made in Japan
Vintage Fisher Price Pull Toy Phone, 1961
Vintage Gong Bell Toy Voice Phone, (c,1930's) The Gong Bell Mfg. Co, East Hampton CT, With Original Box, Yellow Toy Steel Phone, Gift Idea
Ranch Phone, Toy Phone, Toy Telephone, Toys, Vintage Toys, Vintage Ranch Phone, Cowboy Phone, Telephones, Phones,  Cowboy Telephone, Vintage
Fisher Price Cordless Toy Phone 1993 WORKS
Vintage Valentine Card
Fisherprice phone, vintage toy,Fisherprice Dial telephone,toy phone, toddler toy, Toy Phone at Designs By Willowcreek on Etsy
Shipping Great old red metal toy phone
Red Metal Toy Phone: 1950's Solid Red with Beige Dial Childrens Toy Collectible Childrens Phone Mid Century Rotary Telephone
Vintage Playskool wooden telephone toy
Fisher Price Little People 'Chatty' Girl Figure and Telephone Booth / pay phone, original, collectible, vintage toys, egst, Greece
Fisher Price Pop Up Pal Chime Phone 1968 / Chiming Pop Up Vintage Toy Telephone
Little People Phone Booth~ Vintage 1970s Fisher Price Plastic Toy
Vintage vtg Blue Handi-Craft Play Phone Toy Phone with Rotary Dial
Disney Toy Telephone Donald Duck Mickey Mouse
Circa Early 1960's African American Girl on Toy Phone - Black and White Photo Scanned
1960 Bell Telephone System Ad Babysitter Phone Call Mad Men Era Vintage Advertisement Black & White Photo Art Print
Art Print Reproduction // The Phone Call // From Original Acrylic Painting // Bar Art // 22 cm x 17 cm // Cynthia Katz
Long Distance Phone Call Vintage Coles Phillips Print Illustration Digital Download Edwardian Printable Image Art to Frame Wall Decor 15"
1970s Valentines SPENCER SPARROW Bird in Shoes Old Fashion Phone Call Hallmark Cards Unused Original Greeting
Greetings Card-Mother's Card-Miss you-Dogs-Good luck-Jack Russell Terrier-Funny Dog with Phone-Call me, baby!-5x7" card with envelope No.212
The Phone Call, humorous and sweet vintage photo digital download
HOLIDAY INN MOTEL Original 1969 Vintage Color Print Ad - Phone Reservations; Business Man w/ Suitcase; Secretary; Okay Hand Sign
Official Undivided Antique Postcard Bell Telephone Ad Call The Grocery Store Urging People To Get Phone Service Unused
Snoopy phone call, Telephone customer support, Badge reel, ID Badge holder, retractable badge reel, phone, call, message,greeting,
Art Print - Various Sizes - The Phone Call - Pop Art, Retro Comic Style
The Phone Call. Germany 1977  (Vintage Fashion)
Vintage Framed 1940's Bell Telephone Company Ad, Bell Mascot. Little Boy Wants to Call GrandPop.
Merry Christmas- 1950s Vintage Card- Old English Sheepdog Breeder- The Lovejoys- Happy New Year- Holiday Decor- Paper Ephemera
Phone Call Pair of Pop Art Prints
Lily Tomlin This is a recording LP vintage record music 1970s seventies 70s comedy sketch comedienne comedian
Waiting for a Phone Call vintage photo Leggy Woman Home Interior Telephone snapshot

Industrial Art, Black and White Photo, Office Decor, Switchboard Photo, Telephone Operator, Industrial Decor, Office Art, Wall Decor, Print
Antique Telephone Print C. 1900 - Antique Phone Wall Art - Matted 11x14" Vintage Decor - Gift Idea
vintage photo 1920 Young Man Climbs to top of Telephone pole
Vintage Emerald Green Glass Insulator - Lynchburg No. 10 Insulator - Lynchburg Insulator CD 106
1900 Antique print of ANCIENT TELEPHONES. PHONES. 116 years old plate
TELEPHONE OPERATORS at WORK in 8 x 10 Photo Circa 1950s
Snapshot Photo "Pole Setters" Occupational Vintage Photo Antique Photo Black & White Photograph Found Photo Paper Ephemera Vernacular - 190
Telephone Operators in 1915 - Vintage Photo Art Print, Ready to Frame!
1930  Antique Telephone Print  Larousse Illustration Framing scrapbooking home decor
Original Vintage School Classroom Poster Print - Circa 1964 - Telephone Lineman - 9" x 12"
Vintage Bell Telephone Company Print - Available Framed - Victorian Engraving - Telephone Decor - Switchboard Art - Victorian Wall Art Print
New York Telephone Company Ephemera Vintage Telephone NYC
c1890-1910 Porcelain molded Electric Telegraph Telephone Insulator with nice Glaze drippings
Rural Telephone Lines How to Build Them, Illustrated Guide, Booklet, 1970 Collectible Ephemera, 30 page Antique Telephone Book Pages, Prints
Korean boxer Joe Teken by telephone switchboard photo
Telephone Switchboard Operators Antique Photo Identified Women

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EarthLites said...

I am so glad we do not have to use these phones anymore, and what a pleasant reminder this is! Great job on the blog! It's beautiful!

Dorene ~ BeanzVintiques