Thursday, March 24, 2016

New Listings at Postcards in The Attic on Etsy

Good morning my friends, It was a late night last night so I am a little bleary eyed and sleepy.  So I am going to skip a Flashback Thursday this week and show off some of the new listings I added to Etsy this week.  These cards are some of my favorites 2 are very old 1906 and 1907 Undivided Back Postcards and a couple are very masculine looking.  I have noticed that even if greeting postcards were intended to be sent to males they often still looked a little more feminine or maybe the guys just didn't preserve them as well.  But whatever it is I am excited whenever I find these boyish treasures.

What an amazing Postcard from 1907 and published by Kosmos Art Co., Boston Fremont Street with Subway Entrances I love postcards that show the busy lives of the city in the early 20th century.  I especially love looking at the horse and buggies it is hard to imagine having Subways and horse and carriages in one place.
What also makes the above postcard special is that it was sent and cancelled at a train station. Ode to Modern Travel!

Another wonderful Undivided Back Postcard from 1907 or earlier showing the Boston Courthouse.  You can see a horse and wagon and other activities on the street.

Note how the back of this card explicedly tells the sender that it is for the Address only.  For this reason often postcards have writing that runs over the face of the picture.
A very sweet masculine postcard that shows a father and son walking on a path with a beautiful fiery red sunset in the background accented with a fine silver glitter

The Wonderful Italian Hotel the Grande Albergo Delle Nazioni Bari Italy Vintage Postcard in Sienna

Purple Thistle and a Clever verse decorates this wonderfully masculine Birthday Card from 1915-1927

I don't miss a lot about Wisconsin but one thing I do miss about the cold climates is the beautiful purple and white lilacs blooming in the spring.  I love how the entire air would be filled with its heavenly scent.  This wonderful vintage postcard from around 1910's reminds me of my Wisconsin springs.

Such a sweet little girl and again this lovely card from the early 1900's congers many memories of spring and the beautiful flowers (if it didn't have a late snow) in Spring.  Forget Me Nots and Lily of the Valley are featured on the fresh green card

How adorable is this vintage postcard featuring a little girl in a purple smock dragging her dolly behind her headed home

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