Sunday, September 25, 2016

Pampered Chef Party, Games, and Winners on My Facebook

I have hosted many physical Pampered Chef Parties but this is my first online.  I love the products and it has been years so I thought why not try it?  But I have to admit doing it online is much more challenging than if I just grabbed a group of friends from work and the neighborhood. 

When I decided on the date I had not taken in consideration that Ashley would still be waiting for placement and work would get crazy busy.  But with all that being said I thought I would give it a good ol college try.

June has been hosting games everyday!  Which I almost can guarantee that due to the low participation your odds right now are 50 - 100%  you'll win :)  Who wouldn't want Free Pampered Chef? I know I would! 

So stop on by and give me a shout or better yet join the party!
Colleen's Pampered Chef Party

And lastly an enticing picture to get you to visit :)

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