Sunday, December 4, 2016

Countdown to Christmas with Julie and Blu

Christmas Countdown
I hope everyone is getting their Christmas shopping done because we are just a few short weeks from the big day! I am actually doing rather well with mine and can honestly say we are almost finished.  Thank goodness.

Now the Answer to last weeks Movie Trivia question: "Where did they film the Scene of the Griswolds digging out their Christmas tree?" The Mountains of Colorado

One of my altimate Favorite Classic Christmas Movies:  Christmas Story

This week's movie trivia: What did Ralphy want for Christmas?

 My favorites from Julie and Blu's Christmas Countdown 12:


Rustic Texas Star Handmade Gold Earrings, Hand Painted Brass Swarovski Topaz Dangle Jewelry

Flower Earrings for Women, Green Earrings, Clip on Earrings, Teardrop Earrings, Handmade Beaded Jewelry, Trendy Earrings, Gift for Mom

Lemon Quartz Quantum Trillion Sterling Pendant Necklace 14mm x 14mm

Cute Owl Earrings, Colorful Owl Earrings, Dangly Owl Earrings, Fun Beach Earrings, Whimsical Bird Jewelry, Yellow Shell Drop Blue Crystals


Golden Antiqued Brass Dimensional Crescent Moon With Star Earrings


Tiger Stripe Cat Coin Purse, Earbud Pouch or Cell Phone, Zipper Case


Orange and White African Helix Bracelet


Passover Matzah Earrings Yellow Topaz


Dinosaur Birthday Banner Party Decoration | Adore By Nat


Yellow Gold Dichroic Dangle Earrings, Handmade Fused Glass Jewelry, Sterling Hooks


Copper Star Crescent Moon Earrings With Teal Blue Green Czech Glass Beads


Lemon Jasper and Khaki Quartz 19 inch Chunky Necklace Set


Full Lined Apron with Ruffles

Yellow Pansy Flowers Sailboat Scene Best Wishes Dont let the cobwebs of forgetfulness... Vintage Postcard


Necklace for Women, Women Necklaces, Chain Necklace, Handmade Necklace, Fashion Jewelry


Bright Lemon Yellow Prickly Pear Cactus Blossom on Black & White Photograph Accented Gorgeous Sunshine Yellow Wall Art


DianesDangles said...

Thank you for including my lemon quartz necklace to your selection of Christmas gifts, will share.

CraftingMemories1 said...

Beautiful selections, Colleen. Thank you for including my bracelet. Shared

Adorebynat said...

What a great picks! Love the yellow colors. Thank you so much for including my Dinosaur banner. Off to share.

KatsAllThat Artisan Jewelry said...

Thank you again for another week of promoting our handmade items. Will be sharing!

Connie Morilak said...

Very pretty yellows! Thank you for showing my crescent moon earrings! Will share...

Linda B said...

Love the yellow colors. That was my wedding color.

Thanks for including my earrings for Passover.

Shared on FB.

SolanaKaiDesigns said...

Thank you for promoting my earrings in your Countdown to Christmas blog post, Colleen. I imagine everyone who's work you shared here is pleased as well! Happy holidays one and all. Will share now!

PrettyGonzo said...

Thanks so much for this extra promotion, and for including my owl earrings! Also, "A Christmas Story" is one of my favorites too! Will be sharing ...

Blonde Peach Jewelry said...

Thank you very much Colleen for including my earrings in your post! Who doesn't love "A Christmas Story"?!!!

Julie l. Cleveland said...

Love all the yellows! Thank you so much for the extra promotion. I just love Ralphie :) It makes me howl with laughter every time I see it. The bunny suit is priceless. Have shared all these beauties around the world. Have a Merry Christmas, Colleen and Terry and your young ones. Enjoy your holidays and may peace be upon you.

ResetarGlassArt said...

Beautiful yellows! Thank you for including my yellow dangle earrings. Have shared and wish you the Merriest Christmas ever. And I'm so jealous you are almost done with your shopping!

ShadowDogDesigns said...

Oh my gosh, I can't wait for the Christmas Story marathon! I laugh at the same parts year after year and can almost recite the whole movie from memory (: Christmas is not Christmas without my Christmas Story fix! Many thanks, Colleen, for this beautifully golden blog. So many pieces that will make perfect holiday gifts. Many thanks for including my star earrings. Will share the post far and wide and pin the items.

Donna SewAmazin said...

Thank you for including our Tiger Stripe Cat Cases! Shared :-)