Saturday, December 24, 2016

Remembering Christmas Past

I think the holidays often make us nostalgic for those lovely memories of family gatherings, Santa, and the Christmases of long ago.  When we remember those Christmas Past it is through rose colored glasses forgetting the insanity of trying to shop with cranky kids or burnt Christmas pies and all the other mini holiday disasters.  In fact often those mini disasters are fondly recalled around the Christmas dinner table with laughter and merriment.

A mix of my favorite Christmas postcards and Christmas photos.  Good memories:

Me and a very unhappy Christmas kitty

Me 1970's
Me 1970's and a little happier kitty

Ashley and Jr 1992

One of my favorite Christmas Trees (snowman themed)
Ashley and Jr around 1995
Ashley around 1996

Ashley and Jr around 1999
Jr around 2003

Another one of my favorite trees (Birth of Christ theme)

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