Thursday, January 19, 2017

National Popcorn Day on Flashback Thursday

Oh the fun things in life and nothing is more fun than popcorn!  It brings back a wonderful flashback of family movie nights and game night at my grandparents.
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  As a child I knew I was in for a treat when my grandmother brought out her popcorn pan and the oil.  We were not a frying family so if that oil was out with that kettle I knew what it meant.  The scratching of the pan as she quickly slid it across the stove top to keep the kernels from burning.  The excitement when you finally heard that first POP! then another POP! and another until a mad flurry of popping and last the cover is forced off.  As silly as it sounds I loved it when the popcorn would fly all over the place as it blast off the kettles top.  (I am sure my grandmother hated the mess)

Shortly I was exposed to Jiffy Pop.  It was considered to be "expensive" in our household but I can remember clearly the one and only time.  I can't remember who but possibly my uncle bought it.  It was Magical... One it was in it's own little package (unique at the time) two the popcorn would force the foil top to expand and expand and expand as it popped.  It looked as if the entire thing might burst in a snowfall of popcorn in my grandma's kitchen. So as a kid I would have voted to Jiffy Pop on popcorn night but alas popped in the kettle was our stand by.
My Grandma and Grandpa Hoerth
I was so blessed to have these great memories with them

Happy National Popcorn Day on Flashback Thursday!

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