Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Photography by Colleen - Japanese Garden

I love the peacefulness of Japanese Gardens and in fact have had an authentic Japanese Garden as my yard in Fresno.  Even now in the desert my patio and courtyard keeps with this wonderful oriental theme.  Foo dogs guard my home while the gentle trickling of our pagoda shaped fountain fills the air.  Ahhhh.... relaxing.
My theme this week for my New listings ButterflyInTheAttic
is in this Japanese theme.

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Happy Buddha in Southern California Sun Oriental Fine Art Photograph
Closeup of Currant Red Japanese Foo Dog California Oriental Fine Art Photograph
Closeup of Pale Moss Green Japanese Foo Dog Oriental Fine Art Photograph
Closeup of Stone Japanese Dragon in Sepia Oriental Fine Art Photograph
Closeup of Stone Japanese Dragon in Slate Gray Oriental Fine Art Photograph
Closeup of Japanese Colorful Koi Fish in Pond Oriental Fine Art Photograph
Bonsai Tree in Pond by Bridge in Japanese Garden Oriental Fine Art Photograph
Thoughtfulness Stone Path Through Japanese Garden Oriental Fine Art Photograph
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