Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Favorite Shop Of The Week - Cherry Pink Prints

While building my Meet the Members of the Pacific Postcard Team post I had a revelation.  I am going to pick my favorite shop for the week and feature them on both of my Blogs Wednesday.
(you can also find this at

This feature is based solely on my own personal tastes and what I enjoyed at the time.  I usually find several shops that I just love but one always grabs my attention just a bit more. I love Alice and Wonderland so that is one of the reasons Amelia's creations grabbed my attention.  I love the Victorian styled digitals that she creates.

Hope you enjoy my picks as much as I did and stop by to Cherry Pink Prints and pick out some printables for yourself.
I'm Amelia and I love all things vintage and shabby! During the day I work as a motion graphic designer for tv in the fabulous city of London. By night I'm designing and creating my own style digital art and crafts supplies (although on the odd occasion I can be found vegging out on the sofa with the cat!) 

If there's one thing you need to know about me it's that I'm a craftaholic! i just can't stop making (attempting?!?) things. I have a passion for design and always have a project "on the go". 

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Pamela Baker said...

Love Amelia's designs and Vintage Tags! Definitely going to check out more of her work. Great Shop to feature.