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Members Of The Pacific Postcards Team and Linkup

Greetings from the Meet and Greet for the Pacific Postcards Team new on my Postcard and Ephemera specific blog.  First section will be dedicated to randomly chosen members of the Pacific Postcards Team.  Second section will be an opportunity for anyone that is crazy for ephemera to linkup their favorite cards, pages (ads, books, etc.,) digitals and anything that would qualify as ephemera.  Family Friendly only!

But first before you meet some of the members of the Pacific Postcards Team, I would like to extend an invitation for you to join the team.  Whether you buy, sell, collect, or just admire ephemera you will find this team a fun way to show off what you are selling or find out information about postcards.  It covers such a wide range of topics and types of shops that there is something for everyone.

The Pacific Postcards Team is a great team that had start simply as an Etsy Team but has branched out into  G+FacebookTwitter and Pinterest.  We would love for you to join are team and help promote New Artistically designed or reproduced postcards, collecting vintage and antique postcards, creating digital art, and anything to do with ephemera and vintage imagery

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Leslie Manley
I live in a small town right on the Ohio River in West Virginia. I am an animal lover and advocate. I try to help as many shelters and rescues as I can to make life better for these animals that need a better life.

I am also a collector of vintage, retro, art deco, and what ever else suits my fancy or catches my eye. 

I am also an artist, I started doing animal artwork because of my love for the animals and of course, my little dog Maggie - I now have 3 big male rescue kitties - Tig, Alfie and Tickles and then a little gray tabby kitten named Ivy.

Check out my websites: 
Vintage Funny Postcards (Linen Finish)
First Row Listings on Catsandclover

Patti Gibbons
I am a fine and graphic artist who has been designing one of a kind and printed greeting cards for the past 15+ years. I work primarily with authentic antique Victorian papers and art papers from around the world .

In addition to my design work, I am a moody landscape paper, and I am working on a series of surreal "mindscapes" and biomorphic form drawings. My work can be found in various venues in the Hudson Valley of New York.

I have several shops here on Etsy. Catskillpaper for the overflow of my ephemera collection, pagibbons for my greeting cards and fine art, and nurserycrimes, for my greeting cards with a wicked twist. ~Patti
Victorian Antique engraving PRINT WEDDED Man and Woman in Embrace Rapture in LOVE
From first row of listings on catskillpaper

MB Jelinek
I started out making jewelry a bit by accident. I was selling my family estate coin collection on line and I had a shoe box full of Indian Head pennies. I didn't think that anyone would be interested in paying shipping and handling for one two or even five pennies. instead of selling them separately I decided to make them into cuff-links.~MB Jelinek
sale etsy Greetings Hot Springs Arkansa Vintage Linen postcard Curt Teich & C.T.Teich-colortone Chicago Illinois
First Row Listings for Champagne and Mermaids
Life has so much to offer, I feel like I've only experienced a fraction of what's out there... Selling my art, a part of my heart... has been a lifelong dream of mine... 
I just want to Thank you for stopping by, spending your precious time in my creative corner.

Chel Marie
My goals are to create whimsical moments, maybe brighten your day, put a smile on your face through my artistic expression; Help you find that perfect gift or treasure... 
I'm here for you, if there's something you can't find, or you'd like me to create, send me an email and let's talk! 
My passions in life are writing, creating art with all mediums, taking pictures along the beaches of the Pacific Northwest, beach-combing, making others feel good through my creations, sharing, teaching "The Artist Way," collecting interesting items to include in my multimedia art, listening to my heart, following my dreams while I write, paint, create, and share a part of me with each of you. When I'm not creating, I'm spending time with the loves of my life, my husband and our two furry children Koda and Maui.

I am an avid supporter of handmade, reused, & re-purposed items... Finding new life in old things, and helping independent businesses.

I feel the art of the written word is being lost, It's up to us to keep it alive for future generations, including it in my art is what I love to do... I hope you'll enjoy it too!

You can also find me at:
Sale ~ Ephemera Mixed Lot of 1900's-Present ~ Collage Mixed Media Art Supplies
Front Row Listings at ChelMariesCreations
I'm Amelia and I love all things vintage and shabby! During the day I work as a motion graphic designer for tv in the fabulous city of London. By night I'm designing and creating my own style digital art and crafts supplies (although on the odd occasion I can be found vegging out on the sofa with the cat!) 

If there's one thing you need to know about me it's that I'm a craftaholic! i just can't stop making (attempting?!?) things. I have a passion for design and always have a project "on the go". 

Sherlock Holmes collage sheet, Sherlock quotes, vintage paper craft supplies shabby paper texture, paper printable journal, Instant Download
First Row Listings at CherryPinkPrints
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Unique Treasures From Around The Globe!

Hi and Welcome to ChicAvantGarde! I am so glad you stopped can check out my Etsy shop here: 

I have been collecting and caring for lots of fun and unique items found along the way. Growing up in a military family, I've lived a lot of places and have continued to travel to new and exciting destinations along the road-less-traveled. 

I am always looking for that one special "something" that has been overlooked and underestimated in its uniqueness and usefulness. Every vintage item has a story to tell and I am always happy to share my experience with each and every item you find here. 

I keep ChicAvantGarde updated and interesting by continuing to look for uber-cool, retro goodies in local Main Line Philadelphia and Bucks County, Pa estate sales....and more recently, Coastal Delaware vintage goodies including natural seashells and beach finds. 

Just what you are looking the right price. Thanks for stopping in and having a look. 

Pop in again soon and let's get to know each other. 

Your happiness is my happiness! :) 
Chrystina @ ChicAvantGarde on Etsy

Social Media Sites - Stop By Anytime!
Warsaw Poland - Adam Sachocki for LOT Polish Airlines - 9 Vintage Postcards in the Original Packaging
First Row Listings at ChicAvantGarde
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ChickenPink was hatched from an idea we had while sitting in the shade of a copper beech tree on the edge of Dartmoor in the South West of England. 

We decided to bring our knowledge of craft and design together to create beautiful, quirky books and keepsakes for people to enjoy and cherish. 

The first few clucking good designs are here, with many more in the hatchery. We aim to deliver bespoke and personalised gifts to our discerning customers (that's you!), and value quality in both our products and our customer service.

We will always do our best to meet and, indeed, exceed your expectations and will work with you to produce the very best.

Happy clucking shopping! ~ ChickenPink
Happy Clucking Birthday! Wooden Birthday Postcard
Front Row Listings from ChickenPink
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Making projects with bright happy colors is so much fun! Crocheting, knitting, and decoupaging boxes are my favorite ways to create.

Crochet the Day AWAY!

I love to design and crochet hats, scarves, and purses. There are so many amazing yarns to use, I feel lucky every time I start a project. I keep a huge sketch book with sample yarns, color sketches, and hand written crochet instructions for each design. I crochet everywhere: on public transit, in the car (passenger side only!), at lectures, in the park, in line at the bank, and on occasions, at church. After crocheting many accessories for family and friends, I needed and outlet to sell the rest of the hats, scarves, and bags. And, Voila! Esty was the best solution ever. Etsy is so easy to use that if makes selling stuff fun!!

Have a Happy Snappy DAY!
Wayne, from Brothers in Jazz Group Vintage Postcard
Front Page Listings on ChihuahuaSnaps
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I'm glad to see you in my shop.
We do not know, but I have long been creating all these wonderful things just for you. Look at this. They want to bring joy to you. Decorating your home. Make your life brighter. Bring you happiness and good luck!

Welcome to my new store
.................... Enjoy shopping! :-) 
EASTER ADVENTURES - Printable Download Digital Collage Sheet ChikUna Art Ephemera Paper Craft Scrapbook - 4 different images
Front Page Listings from ChikUna
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Postcards In The Attic

Postcards In The Attic

Postcards, Vintage Postcards and Old Postcards
Looking back over the years of my childhood I can easily see that I was destined to be a treasure hunter. A treasure hunter in more than just the sense of always looking for that valuable piece of art or collectible but in the sense that I could find treasures almost everywhere. 

I would find something completely beautiful about how the sun's rays would cast down on an old decaying Tobacco Shed overgrown with wild purple thistle and Queen Anne's Lace and want to preserve that treasured image forever. Or I would spend many days wondering the fields, creek and hillside in search of an artifact, unusual stone or a new plant I had never seen before. Again I would want to capture that moment and keep it with me to treasure during future rainy days.

Obviously one can't capture and keep everything without becoming a hoarder. Along with that I am a type A personality needing organization and order, so building my little shops to pass these treasures on to others has enabled me to pursue my passion.

I am also owner of Butter In The Attic Photography at 

Please Note that ETSY is not able to connect multiple shops to one Facebook or Twitter account so please look me at the addresses below and follow me. We will have a lot of fun. 

For great information and bonus special offers, I can be found at:
(same as the above shop "Butterfly In The Attic)
Mexican Kids Spanish Children Girl & Boy Chili Peppers Mexico Vintage look Postcard Stationary Standard Size Set of 12 Cards
First Row Listings at Postcards In The Attic

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