Sunday, June 3, 2018

Announcing the Winner of the Father's Day Giveaway Sweepstakes

Announcing the Winner of the the Father's Day Giveaway.

Congratulations Daniel!

Daniel has won 2 great gifts perfect to give for Father's Day or keep for himself.

This amazing giveaway was a $57.00 value (not exchangeable for cash) and includes One 8 x 12 (or 12 x 8) unframed photograph and a Designer Coffee Mug.  You can chose either 2 different or 2 the same from the following options:

Nebraska Farm Life - The Field
Old Blue Balcony
Digger O Balls Funeral Pallor Hearse (a Little Crude but that is the name from Tombstone Arizona) This would be prefect for those fans of Wyatt Earp and Bros.

Colleen photographs Americana; the rust and dust that made America and the amazing nature that is unique to the United States.  Many of the images can be found right outside your door but a person has to look, really look to see it.  Using digital manipulation and macro photography Colleen creates dreamy and surreal images.

 For a closer look (without watermarks) you can go to Colleen's site

Winner's Results:

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