Sunday, October 21, 2018

Laughter Is The Best Medicine - I Need a Laugh

I am needing some good laughs this weekend.  On Friday I had such lofty goals.  Organizing, cleaning, and getting rid of anything not needed from the garage and craft closet.  Now it is Sunday morning and it looks like my craft closet blew up and I am starting to think I will be lucky if I get this done over one weekend.

BTW my husband is also a neat freak.  Very type A so I'm not sure how I accumulated all this and how it became so unorganized but alas it did.  I keep telling myself it has to be done and whatever else I had planned can wait.  Worse thing is that he keeps giving me this look whenever he walks by my mess.  sigh...

I hope everyone has a very blessed Sunday and a great start to your week.
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Remember Laughter is the Best Medicine:
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