Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Palo Brea Tree on Hump Day Promotions

Hey Hey... What Day is it?  It's Hump Day! 

This week I am sharing one of my favorite flowers/trees; the Palo Brea Tree.  I love the bright and cheery butter yellow petals.  This tree is so full of blossoms that when these petals drop they cover the ground in a blanket of yellow.  Anything under has sun kisses attached to them until the next winds sweeps them away.  I always have to resist grabbing up a pile to treasure (of course there is bugs and dirt involved so that is will keep my urge in check)

Hope you enjoy these bright and cheerful photographs of the Palo Brea Tree

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Yellow Palo Verde Blossoms On Purple Texas Ranger Flowers In Background
Closeup Of Palo Brea Tree In Morning Sun
Palo Brea Blossoms Covering Agave Gardens
Barrel Cactus Covered In Butter Yellow Palo Brea Blossoms In Landscape
Hidden Rabbit Among Golden Palo Brea Flowers
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