Thursday, April 11, 2019

Postcard Memories in Linen

Most of my childhood would not have been considered very exciting.  I always wanted to be one of those people with wild adventures and talk about the famous people seen and places I visited.  But reality is that when you live 6 miles from the closest town, Holmen (population around 1000,) there is not much going on.  Excitement was when a bull breaks free from the pen or weather related.  

This lack of big city magic means that you have to create your own fun.  But of course imagination will need a little help and that is where my Grandpa and Grandma Hoerth came to the rescue.  They did everything I dreamed of doing.  They lived in town where you have neighbors! Grandpa played games lots and lots of games; and they traveled.  While my father was all about work and anything outside of working was pure nonsense my grandfather was fun.  Don't get me wrong; my entire family works and worked very hard just some recognized the value of other things in life.

My grandparents seemed to find it very important to show me that there is something outside of working.  They spent many hours sharing stories of their travels, sharing pictures and were responsible for giving me my first collectible postcard.  As a small child I didn't realize that some of those postcards were very old; and the places no longer looked like that or maybe didn't even exist any longer. This may be why I have such a strong sense that time travel should be possible.  I did it many times as a child.  

Selling postcards allows me to share my passion and memories through visual images.  This is collection of beautiful Linen Night Scenes I have available right now.  But if you fall in love with one don't wait they disappear fast!
Vintage Postcard Night Scene Moon over Skyline of Wheeling West Virginia Linen
US Highway North 74 By Moonlight Between Chimney Rock and Bat Cave Postcard
Moonlight on a Southern River - Linen Postcard - Night Scene Vintage postcard
Vintage Postcard Night Scene Linen New York Boat Passing Through Cape Cod Canal
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