Sunday, June 18, 2023

Giveaway - The Adventure Of Oliver The Otter; Strawberry Time

The Adventure of Oliver The Otter - Strawberry Time Giveaway

What can you win?

This amazing giveaway has a $63.91 value (not exchangeable for cash) and includes a Signed paperback copy of The Adventures of Oliver The Otter-Strawberry Time, an Adult sized Oliver The Otter T-Shirt and a Kids Oliver The Otter T-Shirt.  Note the actual orders will be ship directly from Zazzle to you and I will ship the signed book

NOTE: Simply Signing into the Giveaway App is not an entry that just opens the entry options and tracks your progress

For Sweepstakes/Giveaway Rules and Guidelines go to HERE Please note for entry to be valid you must follow instructions in the giveaway otherwise it will be VOID and not eligible to win!

For previous winners go to HERE

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