Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday, Monday...

I am having one of those Monday mornings; I can't even explain why but it is what  it is.
 I decided to fix it by finding and listening to the Mamas and Papas song Monday, Monday:

Alas it will be Monday for another 24 hours so I must make the best of it.  Thank you to my wonderful friends at ETSY for brightening it up a little and featuring me in a very soft and beautiful treasury.

The softness and pastels heals my heart. I love this postcard I think that is one of my prettiest in the collection.

So with Sincere Good Wishes I hope your Monday is soft and pretty.  Because... Monday, Monday, you can't trust that day...won't go away...

I think I am going to go purchase a Mama's and Papa's album now. 

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