Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Super Way to Celebrate the First Day of Spring - Product Review

During this week I received in the mail three very uplifting items in the mail and since Spring has not made it to me yet it was very much needed.  Nothing heals the soul wounded by the winter blahs like awesome lip-gloss and homemade Neapolitan marshmallows.  These were just what the doctor (or maybe psychologist) ordered.  My first kudos goes to Anderson Soap Company where I purchased my wonderful lip-gloss.  I received Butter Rum for myself and Wintergreen for my husband who has reported that he is equally impressed.

These were creamy yet long lasting with a wonderful scent.  They can be purchased by going to their ETSY shop:

The other uplifting treat I received this week was a very tasty and sweetly packaged marshmallow from The Realist Mermaid Natural Confections.  I had purchased her sample called "Ugly Feedback Almost Free Mallows."  Based on that description I was expecting just a simple sample but received a wonderfully packaged large Neapolitan delight.  I was so pleasantly surprised I took a picture of it to share with you.

The Mermaid's site can be found on ETSY at

I suggest placing your orders early for Easter.   Just imagine the response you will receive from kids and adults alike when they see these smartly packaged treats in their Easter baskets.

While my kids were growing up I would purchase their Easter candies from local specialty candy shops so that they wouldn't wonder why the Easter Bunny was so cheap or how come they never noticed him shopping at Wal-Mart to get M&Ms.  I love that with technology we can easily create the fantasy and keep those traditions alive.

Hoppy shopping.

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Della said...

Love you idea of shopping Etsy and local specialty shops for Easter goodies. The same can be said for Christmas, too. I bet half the kids in the US think Santa and the Easter bunny shop at Walmart.