Thursday, April 7, 2011

Aromatherapy Thursday - Geranium

Many of us grew up with grandmothers and mothers running to the garden center every year to get their traditional red, white, or pink Geraniums.  I remember these plants as very lovely to look at but not having any smell.  Over the years I have discovered that there are many variations of this well known plant.
Geranium Window Box - Large 12" x 18" print of original watercolor painting frames to 18" x 24"
This print from Rhonda's Studio can be found at
In aromatherapy most often oil from the stems and leaves of the Rose Geranium are used.  However, I have personally grown a Cinnamon Geranium and Citronella Geranium and both smell delicious.  
Geranium Rose Essential Oil found in ETSY shop Adamsboro Sundries
I am particularly fond of how the Rose Geranium oil pairs with Rose oil.  I only use a small amount of the Geranium oil when mixing the two but it makes the Rose scent pop.  You can create wonderful bath salts, potpourri, message oils, and lotions with the Geranium as your main scent.  Rose Geranium not only smells wonderful but does have a reputation with the ladies.

It is noted in many books to help with a woman's premenstrual symptoms, including tender breasts.  This is one the only homeopathic tips I know that works for reducing that dreaded symptom many women suffer with every month.  For relieving this symptom mix a few drops of Rose Geranium with a few drops of Lavender in warm water and then soak a towel in this mixture.  Ring the towel out so it isn't soaking wet (of course) place on the tender area and lay another towel over the top and relax.  Leave this as long as you can, if you are like me it will be as long as it stays warm. 

Creating bath mixtures using the oil has been noted to help with premenstrual symptoms also.  Along with the therapeutic effects of the bath using Geranium Oil in a vaporizer or diffuser may help with those fluctuating hormones.  And the scent has an overall effect on a person's mood; it has been used to chase away the blues and can increase the sense of harmony and wellbeing.  This lovely scented oil has many wonderful properties and can be used in such a variety of ways that I personally see a benefit when using it.  Please note that pregnant women should not use Geranium oils due to the effect it has on hormones.

Geranium Rose Bath Tea found at an up and coming ETSY Shop Tree Of Life Botanicals
Geranium is can be used topically for balancing oily and dry skin.  Whenever using essential oils always mix with carrier oils such as sweet almond or vegetable oil.  The mix ratio for most oils is 5 drops of essential oil to 2 teaspoons of carrier oil (for adults only.)  Make sure to do a patch test to assure that there are no allergies to the oil/oils you plan to use.  To patch test; use a very small area of your body, your wrist works well, place a dab or drop of the mix on your skin and allow remaining there for 24 hours checking for any reaction. 
Please note that any aromatherapy should never take the place of a visit to your physician and to always consult with your physician before using any homeopathic product.
Here is a treasury that features ETSY shops that offer lovely handmade bath and beauty with Geranium oil scent.

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