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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'm Exhausted and It's Only Tuesday - I'm In Need Of A Home Spa

So...I realize that it is only Tuesday but for some reason or another I am exhausted.  I can't drink enough coffee or smell enough peppermint to get myself going.  Along with those symptoms, I have a writer's block of sorts so I apologize in advance. 

I am dreaming of getting a spa treatment on a Caribbean Island but the reality is that I am freezing my tuchus off on a mountain.  So...what's the next best thing?  A home spa!   My treasury and featured shop include those home spa necessities.  I hope you can treat yourself to some of these yummy delights.
To start off my fantasy spa...Hana sent me a wonderful sample of her Detox Foot Scrub and Hydrating 101 Body Butter.  I really enjoyed the foot scrub but I especially loved the Body Butter.  It is thick, very creamy and absorbs right away leaving your skin feeling immediately softer.  Love it!!!  So, thank you Hana Essentials at

Wonderful scent at Hana Essentials

Love how my skin felt after using this product A++ at Hana Essentials

Maybe this is what I need to wake up today found at Hana Essentials

Now to complete my fantasy home spa...My Treasury

If you are on a budget; fear not.  Here is a treasury full of spa-bath & beauty samples all $2.00 and under + Shipping. Treat yourself or treat a friend or maybe both!

1 comment:

Della said...

I know I could use some of those gooey concoctions for my face! Great treasuries, and I really like the 2 dollar samples. That's a great idea, try it before you buy the larger size!