Sunday, April 10, 2011

Childhood Memories

Often as a child I was told not to put too much value on material things.  Although I agree it is not good to put an emphasis on material things over people, what I found was that it wasn't the item so much as the memories attached to the item.  It could have been the plainest thing you ever saw but if it came from my Grandpa, Grandma or my Uncle it was a cherished treasure.  They were special people in my life so even if it was a card, a flower, or the gift wrap I wanted to save it.  I am sure that I am not the only person that feels that way because I found things that my children have saved that surprises me but to them it is a treasure.  So I went on a search for images of items from many generations all the way up to my children's childhood that were a meaningful part of our lives and maybe yours too.  
I am so excited I found this item from Shane's Treasure Chest.
Now here is a funny image for you: this is exactly like the one I had growing up and I would ride it while I watched Star Trek (the original with William Shatner, who I had a crush on, FYI)  I would ride it as fast as I could trying to get to warp speed.  I'm blushing as I write this but I would do it again if I could!

Found in ETSY Shop Fresh Retro Gallery at
These are from my childhood too.  They were the real Pix-up Stix not those phony blunted plastic ones.  I never poked my eye out because people made sure I didn't run around with them.  I miss the wood ones.
Found on ETSY Shop Abe's Basement at
One from my husband's favorites.  He loves the Green Hornet (the original with Jackie Chan.)

Found at ETSY Shop Retro Reaction
I had this exact game.  I remember being really unsure about the images on one hand they were intriguing on the other hand the heads bothered me.  My daughter loved to play Old Maid too.  But she always wanted to be the Old Maid and would cheat to get it; giggling the entire time she was doing it.  She wasn't very good at being sneaky.
Found on ETSY Shop Old School Productions at
Wow!!! Another great find.  I so wanted this set growing up...I loved Star Wars.
Found on ETSY Shop Bargain Mom Of 3 at
My daughter loved Strawberry Shortcake but she fell right in between the time when they first came out and when they started making the reproductions.  So I would search every garage sale I could for these sweet smelling little babies.  They really made them well because they usually still smelled like strawberry.
Found on ETSY Store Happy 2 See U at
OK one more from my childhood.  When I found this I had to add it.  I was older when the new technology of Scratch n' Sniff stickers came out but wow did I love them.  They were so cool and "so out of this world!"

From ETSY Shop Sew Busy B at
My son was torn between the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Biker Mice From Mars.  Eventually the Mutants won.
Once again there were too many wonderful items to include in this post so I created a couple treasuries with more.  I found so many things that I can remember one of us playing with or talking about. 

If I were a kid again...

Childhood Memories...From a Mother's View

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