Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday - In Honor Of TGIF

Wow, what a week...I always want to keep my blogs positive.  And with that in mind all I am going to say about this week is as much as I love technology, it can sure turn on you in a minute.  I am glad to be back, although I am quickly finding that where I now live power, phone, and internet will come and go as it pleases.  Say La Vie. 
With this little adventure it has made me think back at the course of technology in my life time.  It truly is amazing to me, a person who crumbles at not having internet access 24/24, that I was born during the dawn of colored TVs.  As a child I could not have imagined the high technology of microwave ovens, VCRs, Cell Phones and more.  In fact my teen years were filled with technological advances such as: the 900 pound video camera that you could hardly get a good shot with because you were falling backwards as you held it and let's not forget the also heavy (but a mere 10 pounds) hip, got to be rich to have it, Cell Phone that now looks to me like a giant box with an antenna. 
I love looking back on all this change because to me change is good and so most of the time I just go with the flow and don't really notice it too much.  I do get excited about what new gadget is up and coming but once in hand the old technology is quickly forgotten.  So I think today would be a great day to reminisce about black and white TVs and transistor radios.   This could be a wonderful collection to have, especially for those of us who are electronically inclined.
Before we move on to the images I do have to say I am disappointed that the Jetson's technology seemed much more fun than ours has turned out to be.  But although we are not in 2D and Technicolor some of those things did develop:  moving sidewalks, holographic images, and now even robot companions.  The one that has not yet appeared (and I so wish for that day) is the giant mail tubes to transport people from living room to car.  How fun would that be?

Mine were Yellow...Ultra Cool!!!
From ETSY shop Clean Out The Closet

I had one of these and along with that you needed the infamous attena (below)
From ETSY Shop Lea's Vintage at

I definitely had to add this...Worked Great.  I stood for hours trying to tune in cartoons with these...Fun Memories...Bugs Bunny was worth it.
From ETSY Shop Circle The Square at

Love It!!! I spent hours with my cousins writing HELLO and trying other words on this little wonder (for those of you that are too young to know what I am talking about the numbers spelled out words if you turned it upside down)
From ETSY Shop Attic Trunk

After years of playing with the calculator we advanced to video games using these high tech controllers.
Found at ETSY Shop Recycle Buy Vintage at

I still think these Rock!!!
Found at ETSY Shop Farmor's Shop at
 Here's to technology

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