Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter! Welcome Spring & Rebirth!

Easter is my favorite holiday even over Christmas.  While I love Christmas, to me Easter is such an obvious sign of rebirth and new life.  I have always been very in tune with nature, so when we are struggling through the dark cold winters I get an overwhelming feeling that the earth is void and its life gone.  Then at Easter a warm breeze and a refreshing rain awakens everything and I see the natural world come back to life. 

For Christians and those of similar beliefs this is also the day to celebrate Christ's rising from the dead.  It is the perfect time of year to celebrate His rebirth since all things around us are coming alive once again and you can feel the dawn of a new cycle of life.  I have so many things to be grateful for and I am especially grateful for our Savior’s precious sacrifice. 
While many say that the Easter egg hunts, bunnies, and chicks mask the true meaning of Easter, I disagree.  I believe that these are things that symbolize the rebirth and resurrection of our Savior and therefore are to be celebrated.  The butterfly is the symbol of the resurrection (reincarnation); eggs, chicks and baby bunnies are the signs of rebirth; and the cute little lamb is the symbol of our Shepherd and the Lamb of God.
So, I am very excited for this special day in my life and appreciate all the visual cues and symbols around me.  Whether you are of similar faith or believe differently I hope that you enjoy all of these beautiful treasures that we have around us and the sign of new things to come.
Happy Easter Everyone!!!

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creationsbycolette said...

Easter is defiantly one of my favorite holidays as well! Happy easter to you as well :)