Saturday, April 23, 2011

Stitch In Time - Vintage Needlework
Vintage needlework is such a beautiful treasure to find.  Not only is the item a part of history but it is handmade by someone putting passions and dreams in every stitch.  When I see some of these pieces of art it makes me think of a young woman sitting in an old parlor stitching by lamplight.  She is lost in thought dreaming of what her house will look like when she is married, what clothes she will sew for her children, and how the cushion she is making will look arranged on her own davenport.  Some day she will be married and will have a home of her own; lost in a dream she continues to stitch her future.
This is just like my grandmother's box  I found it in ETSY shop I Found This For You at
I have so many memories that involve this beautiful hobby.  I can remember when I first seen my grandmother's sewing box.  It was so intricately designed and fascinating I wanted to immediately open it.  I was not allowed to go into her sewing box on my own but she would open it up to show me the mysterious contents.  There where so many tools, needles and gadgets that I could hardly keep my little hands out of the beautiful box. 
Vintage collection found in ETSY Shop Tattered Rebel at
She told me about what the items were for and how she used them.  I, of course, thought I could immediately start making clothing and doilies just like her.  My mind raced, but she was a good teacher and started me out with a little knitting bobbin that she knew I wouldn't be able to put my eye out with.  I was only 4 years old, at that time, so the wonderful sewing box was put out of reach for a later time in my life.
Knitting Spool (we called it a bobbin) found in ETSY Shop Vintage Polka Dot.Com at
My grandmother came from the depression era so she understood the value of saving; reusing and never letting things go to waste.  I was lucky that she had that mindset not only because most of her sewing tools were antiques (which I love) but it also taught me how to be resourceful.  She was an expert seamstress, she crocheted the most beautiful things, and she was always trying the latest needlework techniques.  She didn't need to have the latest gadgets because she was so knowledgeable and could use the things that she had already.  But once in a great while something new would come in the mail and that was quite an event for me.
One of the gadgets my grandmother had that I sooooo wanted to use  Found in ETSY Shop Yonks at
She taught me how to crochet and showed me all of her lovely pattern books.  She showed me how to needlepoint and use the patterns on her shelf.  And as the years went by when I visited her that sewing box became a bigger part of my life.  When she passed away I was still very young.  I worked so hard to keep learning how to crochet and sew and stitch.  I used her books and patterns until they were missing their covers and tattered.  With every stitch I made and every loop I crocheted it would remind me of her.  All the hours she spent showing me patiently as I became frustrated with my lack of skill would eventually pay off because I never gave up even after she died. 
Found in ETSY shop Once Upon A Gem at
Because of my memories it makes me wonder about the needlework I acquire.  What thoughts and dreams the crafter had when they were creating the piece.  I don't know of any artist or crafter that isn't a dreamer so when we buy someone’s piece, new or vintage, we are buying a little bit of their dreams with it.

Even while putting these treasuries together I was reminded of my grandmother.  That is why I ended up making one about the tools and patterns.  I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

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Teresa Kline said...

great items...have a super weekend!

enjoy *~*

Anonymous said...

What a great tribute! Loved it..Thanks for including my book.

Gypsea Nurse said...

This is awesome..and so kind for you to do!
I posted it on Cat Savage's profile(FB)..... will do it for tattered rebel's and gypsea nurse's as well!
You totally ROCK!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful trip down memory lane! I, too, love antique needlework & sewing items & thoroughly enjoyed your post & treasuries. Thank you for including my edgings booklet in "Grandma's Tender Loving Care."